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  1. selphy

    Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohm

    Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohm,
  2. selphy

    PS AUDIO GCHA headphones amplifier

    I have for sale amplifier PS AUDIO GCHA in very good working condition. I don't have oryginal box. Shipping only to EU
  3. selphy

    Panasonic SL-CT810 Made in Japan discman NOS

    Like new, without any sctrach discman Panasonic SL-CT810, top model. Full set: earbuds, manuals, original box, ac adapter, case, original batteries.
  4. selphy

    Sennheiser OMX 980 NEW !

    I have for sale brand new, never used earbuds Sennheiser OMX 980 Free worldwide shipping.
  5. selphy

    Darkvoice 3322 headphone tube amplifier

    I'm a second owner, I used it about 15 hours, because I prefer speakers ;) Amplifier like new with couple extra tubes. Great sound, better than Violectric HPA V100 for me.
  6. selphy

    Shure SRH1840

    Full set, like new and smell like new. Used about 10 hours. Free worldwide shipping.
  7. selphy

    Beyerdynamic T70 like new

    I have for sale hardly used Beyerdynamic T70 without case and box, jack was changed to 6,3 mm Free worldwide shipping.
  8. selphy

    NOS DAC AD1865

  9. selphy

    Brainwavz HM5

    I'm looking for Brainwavz HM5 with shipping to Poland.
  10. selphy

    Beyerdynamic T90 NEW !

    New headphones, only box was open. Full original set.
  11. selphy

    Ultrasone Pro 900

    Headphones in good condition. All set. 230 Euros + paypal fee + shipping 
  12. selphy

    Sennheiser MX985

    Earphones used few hours, like new, with original set.
  13. selphy

    Sony MDR-7520

    In good condition, shipping to Poland. Let me know if you have for sale.
  14. selphy

    iPhone 4 16 gb

    I wanted to buy iPhone 4 16gb or more. Excellent condition with all accesories, shipping to Poland. Send me PM if you have for sale.
  15. selphy

    Rio Karma 20 gb, rare !

    I have for sale really rare Rio Karma 20gb Player in excellent condition, full original set + leather case.
  16. selphy

    Sennheiser HD600

    Sennheiser HD600 in good working condition. Pads are heavily used. Shipping to worldwide 23 Euro, to EU - 15 Euro
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  18. selphy

    Ipod Touch 4 gen 32GB

    I have for sale Ipod Touch 4 gen 32 gb Everything work perfect. I add 3 lcd screen protection, leather cover, Macally case, hard case, ac adapter, usb cable and charger for car.
  19. selphy

    AKG K550

    I have for sale Akg K550 Headphones like new, without original box and jack adapter.   Price with shipping to EU
  20. selphy

    Denon DCP-100 discman rare !

    For sale really rare discman Denon DCP-100 Good working condition, new ac adapter, no battery. Weight: 1 kg   Shipping with insurace to EU is 17€, to US is 23,5€   The lowest shipping is 8€ to EU  
  21. selphy

    Ipod Touch 4g 8gb

    Ipod Touch 4 gen 8gb, change LCD and digitizer to new. Doesn't work now, to fully functional must change battery.  Except this everything perfect.   Shipping to EU - 8€
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  23. selphy

    Violectric HPA V100

  24. selphy

    Sennheiser OMX980