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  1. ThunderJak

    SOLD [WTS] Denon AH-D5000

    This headphones are in very good condition and have been well taken care of. Offers will be considered.
  2. ThunderJak

    FiiO Q5 w/ high power AM5 amp and Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies

    Looking for someone that has listened to both of these Amp\DAC combos with 300 Ohm open, or closed back headphones. I would like to know your opinions on them and if there are any significant sound differences between the two.
  3. ThunderJak

    Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies Popping

    Just purchased a Wa7 Fireflies from Woo Audio, and when I have my headphones plugged in and there is no music playing the left earphone makes popping/crackling noises randomly. I tried a few different pairs of my headphones and it's definitely coming from the amp. Is this normal? What could be...
  4. ThunderJak

    Considering Schiit Amp and DAC Stack

    I currently own a FiiO Alpen 2 DAC/Amp and I would like to upgrade to something more high quality. I have been considering purchasing a Schiit Valhalla 2 and Bifrost. Are there any other recommendations you have may for me, and what are your opinions on the Schiit line of products?
  5. ThunderJak

    FiiO E17 Alpen vs. E17K Alpen 2

    I currently own the original FiiO E17 Alpen and I am interested in upgrading to the new FiiO E17K Alpen 2. Would this be worth it, or should I just stick with the original?