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  1. ooheadsoo

    Pride Grand Prix Open Weight

    A night of great fighting. No real upsets, but while watching the fights, there were some great comebacks and surprising gasses. Well, perhaps not that surprising.
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    Still my favorite bass solo

    Just thought I'd put this up since it's available on the net:
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    Warm deal on cheap floorstanding speakers for HT Not the $99 I got them for, but...that's why I said warm, not hot. I put my cheapo JVC receiver (not my digital one) on midnight mode and it sounds pretty darn ok. Deal for the price, for sure. I personally don't feel the need for a...
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    Two grado sightings at UCLA in as many days

    Not a common sight. I'm in the music department and everyone either uses cheap buds or cheap cans. I saw an asian guy using what looked like SR-80's at the arcade in the student union yesterday, and a white guy with what looked like SR-225's today walking around Pauley. 'sthat any of you?
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    Which DAPs can hold 10gb+ and register as mass media storage devices?

    I decided that to maximize efficiency, I should get a DAP that would also double as a portable hdd. Every time I find something that looks good to me (good price, good storage capability, good battery life) it has problems with registering as a mass media storage device without additional...
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    I guess you don't want to use maggies with the JVC digital amps Quote: Yesterday, I received my Maggie MMG's. Put old Peter Tosh on again...this time, due to power hungry Maggies, need about '30' for appoximate same volume. 2 cuts - poof. No sound. 'Stand By' still on, so good. Wait 10...
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    Hook up any DAC straight to your computer via USB sans soundcard?

    Here's a pretty expensive option but has some great flexibility features: You could hook your dac up to your laptop no problem. A good soundcard like an RME or lynx would cost you way more than this mod. Of course, it could be said that a...
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    SOLD: NHT Pro A-10

    NHT Pro A-10 for sale in excellent condition, 9/10. Works great, never abused. Pin point imaging. I never used my sennheisers after getting these speakers. Comes with dual mono 150wpc outboard amplifier. Has controls for sensitivity and mute, nearfield and farfield, boundary control for bass...
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    FS: NAD 3300PE 60wpc integrated amp

    Condition is roughly 7/10-8/10. Cosmetically, it's good for something from the late 80's. Classic NAD gear. The pot should serviced if the following problem bothers you. Once every 20 or 30 times you turn it past 12 oclock or thereabouts, it'll make a small pop. Not a big issue, I didn't even...
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    FS: Custom WooAudio-I headamp/preamp

    Time to recover some money for tuition and recover from my diy speakers. WooAudio-I in a custom case by parmetal. The case is all aluminum, has a clear anodized front plate and the body is black anodized, not just painted black. See pictures of it here...
  11. ooheadsoo

    emu patchmix fx - anyone played with them? It's got parametric eq in there

    I'm dumb for waiting this long before figuring this out, and I'm sure a bunch of you guys have already tried this out. Patchmix has parametric eq filters built into it. Unfortunately, the corner frequency limits itself at 80hz at the low end. I haven't tried the upper limit yet. If you need...
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    Best cheap way to seal a subwoofer's ports?

    I thought I would be able to find some large rubber stoppers or corks, but Lowes and Home Depot let me down big time. I couldn't even find any 10" rubber gaskets!! Ok, ok, I'm just kidding at being surprised at that one. Anyone know? I've got 2 3" diameter ports. I'm currently using 2 old...
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    Construction pics of some acoustic absorption panels

    I'm posting this here just in case anyone is interested. These were constructed after reading many of Ethan Winer's posts and articles and a few tips taken from Jon Risch's diy panel trap. I call it the "Ghetto Panel." Fiberglass: 48 sq.ft. 3lb. pcf 2" Certainteed brand rigid fiberglass...
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    Anyone know good places to get CHEAP fiberglass panels in LA?

    Many people have said that room treatment for speakers is the best bang for buck tweak, or at least one of the best bang for buck tweaks. For example, David Chesky uses traps and panels in his studios, wouldn't record without them! He likes room treatment. Unfortunately, most room treatment...
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    Just saw a fellow at ucla with portapros

    Hey, not every day you see one of these things around in public It was in my Bach class, he came in and sat to my right. I meant to ask where he got the phones, but didn't really get a chance. Actually, this is the first time I saw these phones in use outside of my immediate family and friends
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    Aos Piccolo DAC or Emu 1212m?

    I'm sure that this is a question that a lot of people would love to know, though the chances of one of us having both the piccolo dac and the emu 1212m on hand to A/B compare are slim. Anyone have an opinion on this one? I've got a m-audio revo, as you can see in my sig. Aos has also just...
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    Custom WooAudioI pr0n

    You can see the outside of the amp here: I'm listening to it now. As a preamp, it's got lots of gain for my tastes, no quibbles at all in that department. In fact, per my tastes, the lowest volume setting is too high. As a headphone amp...
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    Anyone try the EMU 1212m with speakers yet?

    Anyone try the EMU 1212m with speakers yet? I'd probably use my soundcard more with speakers than headphones.
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    Question about the subsonic gilmore board

    I was always under the impression that the amp could be constructed with only half of the board populated. However, I only see 1 input on each side of the board. Am I stupid or am I stupid? Do I need to populate both sides of the board after all? Sorry, the pcb came with no instructions and...
  20. ooheadsoo

    Gilmore Wiring Diagram

    I'm in the middle of trying to build a mini gilmore off of subsonic's PCB. Subsonic didn't provide a wiring diagram, and I'm a big clueless when it comes to these things. I can see the in/ground/out section, but the specifics elude me. Anyone have one I can take a look at? Where the pot goes in...
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    Wow! After reading this thread, I know what amp I'm going to buy in the future! If what these guys are saying is right, I think GREAT audio has just become available to anyone with audio as a priority in their lives! Wow! What a price! The modding has already begun!
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    There seems to be a general aversion to diy speakers here

    I've noticed that there's not too much buzz on diy speakers here in general. Of course, this isn't exactly a diy community, but in these trying economic times, every leg up is usually appreciated, no? I haven't built a diy pair of speakers yet, myself. For me, it's a lack of time, experience...
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    FS: NAD Monitor series 3300PE Integrated Amp

    I was going to hold off and keep this amp...but I guess not. I've deliberately pidgeonholed myself by buying powered monitors so I don't need this amp any more. I really don't. I have absolutely no use for this amp, really. Once I sell this there will be no excuse for me to look at any passive...
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    FS: AKG K101

    I've got this brand new pair of AKG K101 headphones. I think these are a new headphone product from AKG. Here's a pic from their website. Here's a link to their webpage:,EN.html Here's a summary of their rated specs: Type: Semi open...
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    FS: PSB Image 2B for local pickup

    Selling my mintish PSB Image 2b speakers. Bass down to 50hz. For local pickup because I shipped the original box out while packing my old speakers. These were purchased in December 2003 and used lightly. For the last 2 weeks I haven't even used them because I needed my amp at my computer rather...