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  1. wildebassman

    Output 120GB Classic Ipod USA.

    Double posted...
  2. wildebassman

    Output 120GB Classic Ipod USA.

    Hi, simple question, how many milliwatts is the output per channel on the american version Ipod classic 120 GB? Hope it's more than on the tamed EU version. Or should I look for a different player for a decent sound and volume? Cheers, Dennis.
  3. wildebassman

    Cans for IPOD Classic EU Model.

    Ok, I need some advice regarding cans for my new IPOD Classic 80G, I have the EU model and will need extremely efficient cans... Please give some input... Dennis.
  4. wildebassman

    Anyone has or heared DT880 32 Ohm, opinions?

    Hi, are there people out there that actually own or have heared the Beyer DT880 32 Ohms versions?
  5. wildebassman

    HD600, Headfive / Arietta ok?

    Is the Headfive or Arietta Corda amp up specs to drive a HD600 or should I look elsewhere? Cheers, Dennis
  6. wildebassman

    Who can explain this to me....

    I know there are fluctuations in the voltage from area to area and even sometimes within your own system from time to time, when for example the the voltage drops or goes up by 10% will this affect the playback on my cd player, will it play the music at a higher or lower pitch? Please clearify...
  7. wildebassman

    HD595 amp recommandation needed...

    I have decided to start my headphones and amp adventure with buying HD595 cans. Knowing that all headphones benefit from a headphone amp, I'd like to have some serious input. On my list now are: > Heed CanAmp > Corda Arietta / Headfive > Gilmore Lite I haven't heared any of these amps...
  8. wildebassman

    DT990, DT990PRO, DT770, DT770Pro what's the deal?

    See all these Beyers with and without Pro marking at different prices etc. What's the deal? Are they different, if so, what's the difference (sonically)? Cheers, Dennis.
  9. wildebassman

    Corda Arietta / Headfive, which cans??

    Too many thoughts, too many choices? Ok I'm going to buy a Corda Arietta amp, that's virtually the same amp as the Headfive. I like detailed music reproduction, balanced through the frequency spectrum, bass should be tight and not overdone. Which cans to buy? Have been considering, DT880...
  10. wildebassman

    New phones needed, advice?

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying better phones for portable use, what to buy that won't break the bank? I don't like in-ear stuff and I don't like phones that emphasize the bass too much. Please give me some input.