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  1. Mike K

    EAD Ultradisc 2000 CD Player - in as-new condition

    The EAD 2000 is an audiophile classic and this particular unit is near pristine.  I can find no scratches, smudges, nicks or gouges anywhere on the faceplate or casework.  Unit is mechanically as-new – everything works perfectly.  The sound is detailed yet warm and relaxed, with an analogue-like...
  2. Mike K

    Replace my 'phone cable or buy new 'phones??

    I have a 10 yo pair of Senn HD600s.  I like them.  They sound fine to me.  But I'm SURE they can be improved!!  I just know it!   So here's the options I have investigated, and I'd like your opinions thereon.   1.  Buy a replacement cable.  There are 4 I've found:  One from Cardas, one...
  3. Mike K

    Prices for RCA Cleartop 6CG7s

    What is a reasonable price to pay for these tubes? I have one quote of $30 each from a very reputable dealer. I've seen cheaper prices on Ebay and A'gon, but have no way to judge the reputation of the sellers. Your input appreciated.
  4. Mike K

    How to Spend the Money

    I have some money to spend, either on music (cds) or on hardware (strongly considering Cardas headphone cable for my HD600s). How do you think I should spend it - music or hardware. I'm leaning towards music. Your thoughts appreciated!
  5. Mike K

    My PPX3 (6cg7) is here!

    It arrived on Friday, July 2, and I am a happy man! I have a few hours on it now, and it's sounding better and better every time I use it. I'm expecting great things from it. Last night, I played the Ray Brown Trio "Summer Wind" disc, on Concord, and was hearing things I didnt know were on...
  6. Mike K

    Perreaux SXH1 now $599 at HiFiFarm

    I was fully prepared to buy one of these units from Audioadvisor for $350; I will not, however, buy one for $599. Especially since I am having 2nd thoughts about my previously expressed intention to buy a solidstate amp: the MG HEAD OTL has come up on the radar as a fine little amp for my...
  7. Mike K

    Why I am abandoning tube amps

    I have been using a Mu Fi V2 amp for several years now. It's a nice amp. I changed the power supply capacitors and it sounded even better. I even drilled out the case to provide some ventilation, which also seemed to help some. And I bought a much beefier power supply, which made it sound...