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  1. ronfifer

    Does connecting a Bluetooth adapter to a wired headphone degrade audio quality?

    I am planning to buy the Stereo Samson SR850 (3.5mm jack) to use them in living room on my PC. Scenario is to play competitive shooter games and benefit from their soundstage to pinpoint gunshots and footsteps. I have to make the headphones wireless somehow. If i connect it to one of those...
  2. ronfifer

    Experts I Need Your Advice Please

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a headphone to play online shooter games and AAA scifi games on PC. I have 4 simple requirements but trying to find a candidate in the audiophile category (branded as Studio, monitoring, or Gaming headphone). Microphone is NOT required, it's ok if it is included...
  3. ronfifer

    Who is in France or the EU?

    Hello,   Anyone of you audiophiles living in France or the EU by any chance?   I would love to share market data and info on the best (online) shops to satisfy our relentless crave for high end audio, at reasonable prices.   The 20% TVA here and lack of price wars makes the USA...
  4. ronfifer

    [POLL] Hardcore Gamers, share your experience :)

    EDIT: Decision made. I will give the Samson SR850 a go. Now i need to enable 3D surround sound (using Dolby or any other technology) on these headphones by buying a 3rd party USB sound card or mixamp. I dont think my on-board stereo sound card will suffice. I dont have any experience or...