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  1. zotjen

    Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

    I just signed up for the Amazon Music HD trial (which is back down to 30 days) and I'll be doing a lot of comparisons to Spotify premium. Aside from Amazon being louder, my initial impression is that there is something that sounds a little different about it but I don't know if it is necessarily...
  2. zotjen

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Wow, is this thread still active? I haven't been here in awhile and I've been poking around and I'm amazed at how many old threads are still going. I don't think I ever even posted in this thread and only remember posting in a watch forum I belong to. Anyway, I've been kind of sad since I...
  3. zotjen

    Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

    The 598SE is currently 94.99 on Amazon. I'm really tempted to get them. However, I still own the 595s which I've had for over 10 years and they're still in great shape. I just don't know if I should bother upgrading at this point.
  4. zotjen

    HD800 Story Telling Time - *Warning* Prepare thyself, not for the faint of heart - (You've been warned!)

    LOL!   I've had my HD800s for four years now and mine still smell. I wouldn't necessarily refer to it as wet gym socks but it is kind of funky. I've always assumed it was coming from the case though, since I routinely leave them out for a week or more. I'll have to check when I get home from...
  5. zotjen

    Some Impressions of the Swan M50W

    Quote:  Where are you getting this info from? There's nothing in the manual that indicates this. Plus, if you leave the power switch on all the time the LED on the volume wheel will always be on.
  6. zotjen

    Movie industry is destroying the physical format

    And what makes you think we aren't going to start seeing warnings on streamed movies? Or even worse, Netflix and Hulu logos in the corner?
  7. zotjen

    Uncle Eric ... O Brother , where art thou ?

    Quote:  I can attest to this. I've been a member for 10 years now and currently I'm lucky if I visit once a week. At this point in time, I'm totally satisified with all my gear so I don't even have the urge to see what's new and exciting. I'm sure though it will change at some point. Over...
  8. zotjen

    Sennheiser HDVD800 Headphone Amplifier

    I think this is primarily for those people that want to leave no doubt that their amp pairs perfectly with their headphones. Despite it being a little difficult to find a good match for the 800, I think there are a lot of amps that go well with Senns. Also, for some reason I've never felt...
  9. zotjen

    iPad 3 anticipation

      Quote:   IMHO, 1080p is pretty much a waste on a small screen. HD isn't even worth it on a phone or iPod. And can you imagine the bandwidth that 1080p is going to use? And you're probably still not going to  get lossless audio with streaming 1080p, unlike blu-ray. Unfortunately, most...
  10. zotjen

    HeadAmp GS-1 – A Forgotten Treasure

    I love my GS-1 and wouldn't trade it for the world. When I got the bug to upgrade I decided it was the only amp that suited my needs. When I did place my order, Justin was having some issues with his suppliers and I had to wait about 9 months to get it. It was well worth it.
  11. zotjen

    Favorite Film Scores

    King Kong (the original) by Max Steiner
  12. zotjen

    Music CD's are soon becoming extinct...

    I doubt we'll see the demise of CDs anytime soon. For starters, the publisher of this article isn't exactly well know and all of their sources are unsubstantiated. It's also assuming too much - specifically that everyone has a PC, tablet, etc, along with a high speed internet connection to...
  13. zotjen

    Grado Extension Cable

    I've used the Grado extension cable with my RS1's as well as the Senn 580's and HD800's and noticed no degradation in sound quality.
  14. zotjen

    Page Back Issue With IE9

    Well, it seems to be every page including this one. If I hover over the page back button, it reads "Back to (Alt+Left)"
  15. zotjen

    Cowon J3 Impressions Thread

      Quote:  In my case though, I believe I only let the battery fully deplete once. It will reset on its own about one day after I do it manually.
  16. zotjen

    CD player?

    I've always felt that if you have a decent enough CD player, you have no need for an external DAC.
  17. zotjen

    Spotify Anyone?

    Spotify now has an app which gives it a Pandora-like radio feature. It has some issues but it's still pretty decent. Note that it is not endorsed or approved by Spotify.    
  18. zotjen

    How does the music take over you?

    Time stands still and the music becomes the only reality.
  19. zotjen

    Your biggest WOW moment in head-fi(ing)/music listening

    Your biggest WOW moment will be when you realize that despite all the reviews you've read and all the posts you've read on Head-Fi and all the things that people have told you, that the only thing that really matters is what your own ears tell you.
  20. zotjen

    Some Impressions of the Swan M50W

    After deciding I needed an upgrade for my computer speakers. I recently acquired the Swan M50W 2.1 speaker system. Prior to this I've probably only owned four different computer speakers, this over the past 18 years or so. I've had Altec Lansings, both 2.0 and 2.1, and most recently the...
  21. zotjen

    AT&T buying T-Mobile USA

    I've been a T-Mobile customer for years. The other day my sister-in-law mentioned she was thinking of switching from Verizon to T-Mobile. I told her it may not be a good idea because of the AT&T buyout and that there is a good chance I'm going to switch carriers when my contract is up next year...
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    The M50W Box Within A Box
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    M50W Accesories
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    Speaker Comparison