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  1. Harrath

    WTB: Millet Hybrid MAX PCB

    Looking for a single PCB for the Millet Hybrid Max. I missed the group buy and I hope someone has some extras they'd be willing to part with. My paypal (and email address) is jdefeo AT wpi DOT edu. Thank you!
  2. Harrath

    Source dilemmafor HD650

    I'm looking to spend about $1200-$1300 on an amp/source combo for my HD650's, and I'm torn about what kind of source to get. I'm a big fan of Computer Audio, but I'm all too familiar with the reality that even good soundcards don't really match up with good CD players in terms of overall...
  3. Harrath

    12sa7 = 12v version of 6as7?

    Thread title says it all, thanks.
  4. Harrath

    I'm doomed. Upgraditis...

    ...has hit before I've even bought anything. I've been saving to buy an amp ever since I got my HD650's. I was all set to buy a Perreaux SHX-1, which seemed like the perfect amp for my tastes (Metal & Classical, 50/50 split of each). But then I thought..."I could wait a bit longer...
  5. Harrath

    MG Head mark III? (yes, three!)

    "Currently unavailable - New MkIII version due out soon! " Interesting. Has anyone heard anything about changes in the new model as well as its cost?
  6. Harrath

    How are the HD650's for metal?

    I read a while back in a thread about "the definitive headphone for metal", and a surprising (well at least to me) number of people said that the HD600 was THE choice for metal. This confused me, because I never imagined the so-called "laid back" sound of the Sennhiessers to really be suitable...
  7. Harrath

    Amp worth it for Nomad Zen?

    I'll be using Sony CD3000's which are low (32 ohm) impedance headphones. Is an amp worth it? The Zen has no line out, just a headphone out, and provides 100 mW of power (enough to drive the Sonys to ear bleeding levels). My guessing is that adding an amp wouldn't improve the sound at all...
  8. Harrath

    Sony CD-3000's good for metal?

    I listen to mostly metal (melodic death, symphonic, progressive), and I want a very detailed low impedance set of cans. The CD3000's seem to fit the bill perfectly, I was wondering if any metalheads out there have these phones and what they thought of them. Thanks.