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  1. skip129

    Clarification of Corda 2Stepdance input impedance needed

    What does "120 / 17 Kohm" mean, for the input impedance spec for the Corda 2Stepdance? 17K looks right, but what does the 120 mean? Is there an option to configure it for 120 ohms input impedance? If so, I don't see any mention of that in the manual.   Greg.
  2. skip129

    iBasso D6: Does it work well with ASIO4ALL?

    Has anyone tried the iBasso D6 with the ASIO4ALL driver? If it does work, how small can you make the ASIO buffer? I'd probably need 256 samples or less @44.1kHz.   Thanks, Greg.
  3. skip129

    FYI: Here's a quick & dirty impedance (sort of) vs frequency curve for AKG K601 headphones.

    I couldn't find an impedance vs frequency plot for the AKG K601 headphones, so I did a quick test. I connected the K601 to the headphone output of a NAD 320BEE integrated amp, the line out from a soundcard to the line in of the NAD, and the headphone output, in parallel with the K601, back to...