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  2. mattfromthenavy

    Complete speaker system. Considering Monitor Audio RX-6 or B&W 684. DAC and Amp?

    I've been auditioning the B&W 683's and I love them, great sound in the 600 line. As far as power goes, you will be fine with low power... i've been using a NAD C340 which is a fairly old amplifier at this point and puts out 50 Wrms/Channel and volume is not even close to an issue with the...
  3. mattfromthenavy

    WTB: Full Size AKG Headphones: 271MKII, K601, Q/K 701/2 Preferred

    I've got a pair and i'm in San Diego. I'm looking to go back to Grados. I have the box back in texas but I have the stand with me. If you're interested give me a call 713.858.0810
  4. mattfromthenavy

    AKG 701 For sale!

    Paypal sent!
  5. mattfromthenavy

    AKG 701 For sale!

    PM Sent.
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