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  1. MrNodi

    Sound cutting out on Shure SE 535s

    I had exactly the same problem - ended up returning them and buying a different brand. Shame really, because their build quality is pretty solid IMO. Just a design flaw.
  2. MrNodi

    In my opinion, Shure repair service is awful

    Well this is all rather slanderous isn't it?   It would be nice if companies paid trained specialists to sit around and fix discontinued products outside of their warranty (for a wallet-friendly rate), but they don't. And I fully understand why they don't. They are not in the wrong.  ...
  3. MrNodi

    Headphones to use at the gym?

    I know Audio Technica are terrible for constantly updating and discontinuing various models, but they still look available to me?   Just be careful not to pick up one of the counterfeit sets that are about, if a...
  4. MrNodi

    Looking for an affordable pair of quality IEMs

    I have heard about the RE0 having build quality issues, although i'm yet to have any problems myself. I'd love to give the HF5's a try, i'm sure they are a very competent earphone. Are you going to be using them as a headset too? Because if you are, then that does make the HF5's more favourable...
  5. MrNodi

    Looking for an affordable pair of quality IEMs

    I would whole-heartedly recommend the RE0's. When I initially tried them I was disappointed with the sound because I had totally incorrect tips on them for my ears. Once I sifted through the tips and found some that suited my ears, i was blown away at what such a cheap set of earphones can...
  6. MrNodi

    Headphones to use at the gym?

      Copied & pasted from my last gym headphone thread: iGrado's are the best solution i've found for using at the gym so far. I originally bought them for general listening, but they didn't get much use as they become quite uncomfortable after about an hour (as they clamp quite tightly to your...
  7. MrNodi

    FitEar MH334

    I'm after a set of these, does anyone know if they have an international distributor, or do I have to take japanese lessons AND fly to Japan to get a set? There's only so much obsessive earphone-based insanity I can explain...!
  8. MrNodi

    IEM Comparable to B&W P5?

    In that case, disregard my comment about the IE8's!
  9. MrNodi

    IEM Comparable to B&W P5?

    Good suggestion, or the IE 8, or IE 8i (if you want in-line iPhone control like the p5's). Is there much difference between the sound signature of the IE7 & IE8?
  10. MrNodi

    Help with purchase needed (after Audio-Technica ATH-ES7)

    Why not get the ath-es7's again? They would be my first choice super aural under £200! Unless of course you just fancy a change. EDIT: I originally mis-read the last sentence. I don't have too many suggestions that fit the bill under $100, but I'm sure some people on this board will.
  11. MrNodi

    IEM Comparable to B&W P5?

    Shure SE315 (around £140) I was very pleased with the 315, good all rounder, and an excellent, isolating seal. You will get better extension on either end of the frequency range with the SE535, but it's over double the price (usually about £330-340).
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