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  1. jacknson123

    WTB: AKG K701

    Sorry, I just want the original version.
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    Price Drop to 110
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    shipping will not be included if ship to Canada.
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    I trust my ear.
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    It definitely sounds a lot better than 300 dollars iems I used to use, very smooth and absolutely no distortion. I don't think fake could sound like this. And it was bought from an international student who brought directly from sennheiser.
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    Including shipping and PayPal fee.
  13. jacknson123

    [SOLD] ATH-MSR7 Black in Like-New Condition

    Selling my msr7, bought half a year ago. No scratches, mint condition. Include all original accessories. 2 days shipping included (USPS Priority Mail).
  14. jacknson123

    Is the MEZE 99 CLASSICS maybe the best for vocals/midrange?

    I bought the 3100 combo already and very happy with it. I may upgrade it to 009 after I graduate from college.
  15. jacknson123

    Help..what is the best Closed Sennheiser for vocals and mid-range under 2-300$??

    Why are you limited to sennheiser? hd650 probably has the smoothest vocal.
  16. jacknson123

    Best sub-$150 portable DAC/amp for sensitive IEMs

    Da3 has even lower floor noise, it should do the job.
  17. jacknson123

    Are there any Portable DACs capable of DSD512 playback?

    I only use it with iem to get rid of hissing. Doesn't sound that much different than my laptop.
  18. jacknson123

    Best sub-$150 portable DAC/amp for sensitive IEMs

    You only need one if your iem hiss with your android phone. I use the da2 to drive my im02 when I use it with my laptop only. Da2 has absolutely no background noise, but that's all it does, I dont hear any difference in sound between da2 and my galaxy s8.
  19. jacknson123

    I seriously don't know anything about this stuff

    Have you try out msr7? At its price range, it is very detailed and clear with reduced bass.
  20. jacknson123

    Confused Ie800 , AKG3003, Apple !!

    I use ie800 with my galaxy s8 and it sounds pretty good, no distortion whatsoever. I dont think an dap is necessary, your iphone x should be more than enough to drive them.
  21. jacknson123

    Upgrading from ath-msr7 to sennheiser hd600

    k712 is now 340 dollar in na, just 50 bucks more than hd600. To my ear, msr7 is precise and detail enough in its price range, I dont think there's worthy upgrade in the 300 dollar range. You might as well save up more money before you upgrade your msr7 unless you dont like its sound signature.
  22. jacknson123

    How many headphones do you own

    Only 2. One iem and one full size open back :)
  23. jacknson123

    Which is more natural, ATH-A900X, XPT100, or NAD VISO HP50?

    What do you mean by natural sound? I never heard both of them but by measurements, XPT100 seems more balanced.