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  1. softwight

    Review by 'softwight' on item 'Practical Devices XM5 Portable Headamp'

    It's late, this will be short.   Great amp with clean adjustable crossfade, tight crisp bass boost, and the 75ohm option really helps with some phones.  I run buf634 and ad8065 chips for my K702 and hd595s.  Love the sound especially going from the xm4 to this.  Instrumental music is really...
  2. softwight

    Where is the Hgh end Shop in TOKYO ?

    I've been to akihabara twice in the three years i've lived in Japan... be warned you really have to hunt for anything useful there.  I was expecting it to be an amazing electronics experiance and I was quite disappointed. 
  3. softwight

    Practical Devices XM5

    all inputs, either HP out of ipod, line out of ipod, and DAC as well.
  4. softwight

    K702 with Black Dragon and detachable modification

    I'm surprised you found the 595s uncomfortable and stronger on bass, did you have the 50ohm or 120ohm option?
  5. softwight

    Practical Devices XM5

    I just purchased some K 702s, plugged them into my xm5... and got a very bad HISSING at low volume levels with no buttons pressed. It went away with the +10db, but I'm still wondering why? Any ideas? Basically anything less than 11:30 on the knob brings the hiss. it also goes away with the 75ohm...
  6. softwight

    First thoughts on my Practical Devices XM4

    I'm running hd595s so I don't want to lose anything on the lower end. I'm guessing the 8620 will be my best bet but i'll have both to try at any rate.
  7. softwight

    Practical Devices XM5

    I found a site that seems to sell them here: LME49720 - Dual High Performance, High Fidelity Audio Operational Amplifier I was looking at the LME49720NA and it looks like the same chip. Will I need to get adapters for it to fit in the xm4 slots though?
  8. softwight

    Best portable amp with Bass Boost?

    Quote: Originally Posted by s1rrah The XM4 bass boost is phenomenal. Very natural and clean. Zero muddiness. I find it essential when listening through HD595's .. I second that, I specifically went with the xm4 because of price and the bass boost. I like the crossfeed, but...
  9. softwight

    First thoughts on my Practical Devices XM4

    I just came across this thread while looking up xm4 crossfeed. I'm using the stock xm4 without the 8620 driving some hd595s and was wondering if changing to the 8620 would help with the volume sensitivity/mid-range drop with crossfeed use.