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  1. Whyifide

    Give me a crash course in OPAMPS

    Hello all, I just got the ASUS Xonar Essence ST, and I'm pleased with it, and along with my new AD700's, my musical world has been transformed. However, I'd like to be introduced to this new world of possibilities that I've been given by ASUS, the ability to easily swap OPAMPs without soldering...
  2. Whyifide

    Upgrade from the ATH-AD700's?

    Hello everybody. What would be the most logical step up from the AD700's - just enough of a step to get that "wow" factor without completely sinking the bank account. I listen to mostly electronic music (down-tempo, ambient, chill-out, trip-hop, folktronica, trance), classic rock, folk music...
  3. Whyifide

    Need a remote control to control PC from listening chair.

    Hey there, I was wondering where or if I could get a remote control to control my music on my computer while sitting on the couch. If I could, that'd be great. Thanks!
  4. Whyifide

    Sennheiser HD595's vs Audio Technica ATH-A/AD700's

    I'm looking to buy a pair of headphones (obviously within this price range type of price range) that have a large sound stage, good bass, and good accuracy. I listen to rock, post-rock, acoustic/indie, downtempo, and chillout. I'm having trouble deciding between the HD595's and ATH-A700/AD700's.
  5. Whyifide

    Best soundcard for composing and listening to music? (SUB-$220)

    Anything below $220, strict. I want to listen to the highest fidelity sound as possible, using my ATH-A700's.