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  1. pstefan98


    Looking to sell my Campfire Solaris 2020. Reason for selling is I’d like to go more in the direction of speakers. Comes with: All original accessories. (3X CA Foamies, 3X CA Silicon, 3X Symbio W) tips.
  2. pstefan98

    [WTB] Lotoo Paw S1

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase a Paw S1. Please contact me if looking to sell yours. Thanks!
  3. pstefan98

    [SOLD] ALO Audio MMCX to 2.5mm Smoky Litz Cable

    Hey guys, I’m selling my ALO Audio Smoky Litz 2.5mm MMCX cable. Gently used for a few hours. 10/10 condition. Comes with box and draw bag.
  4. pstefan98

    [FS] Woo Audio Headphone Stand (Single) (HPS-R) Black

    Hey guys, For sale is my Woo Audio Headphone stand in Black. Used for under a month, practically brand new. No scratches, marks or defects. Mint. Asking $110USD or $145 CAD. Thanks!
  5. pstefan98

    [SOLD] iFi Micro iDSD Black Label

    Looking to sell my ifi Micro iDSD BL. I purchased it around 1/2 month ago and am selling my setup so have no use for it anymore. Comes with all original accessories. I am the second owner of this item. Comes with receipt from the original owner.
  6. pstefan98

    [SOLD] HD 800 S (MINT)

    Hey guys, I’m looking to sell my mint pair of Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones. They were purchased a month ago (mid August) from the first owner. That being said, I’m the second owner. Between the first owner and I, these headphones only have around 7 hours playback. They are in perfect...
  7. pstefan98

    [SOLD] Astell&Kerm SR25 Digital Audio Player (DAP)

    Selling my mint Astell&Kern Digital Audio Player (DAP). Upgrading my setup for full sized over-ear headphones so I don’t really need this anymore. Has a matte screen protector preinstalled since day one. No bubbles or dust underneath-perfect. Includes Astell&Kern PU Leather Case for SR25...
  8. pstefan98

    [SOLD] CA Andromeda 2020

    Looking to sell my CA Andromeda 2020s. Mint condition, gently used. Bought in downtown Vancouver from HeadphoneBar. Receipt can be provided with request. FREE shipping to Canada. Asking $900 USD. Thanks!
  9. pstefan98

    [WTT] CA Andromeda 2020 for Solaris OG, 2020 or SE

    Hey there, Looking to put up for trade my mint CA Andromeda 2020s for a Solaris. Looking for either the OG, SE or 2020 renditions. For the 2020 and SE I am willing to pay cash on top of the trade. Thanks!
  10. pstefan98

    [WTB] CA Solaris (CANADA)

    Looking to acquire a pair of Solaris. Either OG or SE models. Thanks!
  11. pstefan98

    [WTB] 64Audio U12T

    Looking to purchase a pair of U12Ts. I can trade my pair of mint CA Andromeda 2020s + cash. Thanks
  12. pstefan98

    [WTT] CA Andromeda 2020 for U12T

    Looking to trade my mint pair of CA Andromeda 2020s + CASH for a pair of 64Audio U12ts. First owner of the Andromedas. Comes with: Original Box All accessories: Cork Case (Green) Cleaning tool CA Pin CA Silicon Tips CA Foam Tips CA 3.5mm Litz Cable CA 2.5mm Balanced Litz Cable Thanks guys!
  13. pstefan98

    (PLEASE MOVE) FS: Shure Se535LTD’s w/ All Accessories

    Hey all, Looking to sell my pair of Shure Se535ltd editions. They’ve only been used for 5-6 times and are like new. There is no cosmetic defects to the item. Will provide purchase invoice for proof of purchase. 100% authentic. Includes all original accessories: Bluetooth 4.1 communication...