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    Reply to review by 'EdgarBear' on item 'Penon Totem'

    I actually got my totem today and it's so good. It makes the whole sound amazing, every iem I try I also ordered the Golden armour, it should also be very good I guess So something interesting. I had all my Iems with 2 pin and then bought the Solaris and all of a sudden all my cables don't...
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    Reply to review by 'EdgarBear' on item 'Penon Totem'

    BTW @Dsnuts have you tried frozen by oc studio?
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    Reply to review by 'EdgarBear' on item 'Penon Totem'

    So actually I wanted to buy that solaris 2020 as my new iem to collection. But after hearing the leo plus of penon, and understanding what diffenrce Can a great cable make with great iem I decide to take the money and buy the totem, I mean instead of buying one iem for like 1500usd it's like...
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    Reply to review by 'EdgarBear' on item 'Penon Leo Plus-IEM cable from Penon'

    Hi I went on a cable buying frenzy and bought 8 cables 1. OSG 2. Leo plus 3. GD849 4. Dunu blanche 5. Effect audio ares 2 8 core 6. Oc studio monarch 7. Oc studio caelus pure copper 8. CS819 I have 7 iem 1. Noble encore brass 2. Noble tux5 3. Noble k10 4. Empire ears zeus 5. um mest 6. Jh...
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    Reply to review by 'EdgarBear' on item 'Penon OSG. Graphene infused SPC IEM cables.'

    I got the osg today, your review is true, unlike other cables which change someting in the frequency response, with this it changes per iem the sound, the iem which were bright, stopped. And the iem which were too mid bass stopped. It is a really good cable. And nothing like other pure silver...
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    Is there any way to make a stiff IEM cable soft again?

    Hi, I used a hair dryer on a pair of cables that got really stiff and it solve the problem