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  1. bubbers214

    Zen Nano?

    So I was shopping today and saw a Creative Zen Nano plus and did not recognize the name at all, but it was 1GB and it was 150 bucks and i was in the market for a 1GB flash player, so I went home and checked here and DAPreview and google, and found almost nothing about it. I have since checked...
  2. bubbers214

    Trying to repair my A500's?

    Ok so i have had these A500's for quite time and have been very very happy with them until a few days ago when my mom called me downstairs and i pulled them out of the amp they where hooked into and complete bent the plug. So i cut it off and bough a new 1/8" stereo connector from radioshack...
  3. bubbers214

    Karma took a tumble off desk...

    So my karma took a 3 foot tumble off of my desk and landed on the wheel and now the wheel is off track or something and will no longer function. Am I just going to have to deal w/o a wheel now or does anyone know how I can go about fixing it, without ruining the Karma.. thanks
  4. bubbers214


    Bought a Rio Karma from him, arrived in 2 days and extremely well packaged. Overall awesome transaction.
  5. bubbers214

    Pictures of your Portable Rig

    Hey Thaddy, you can find those banana holders at your local wally world. I picked mine up for a measly 4.44. Just look in the kitchen accessory section (should save you the hours of time i spent wandering aimlessly looking for them at my local wally world) Quote: Originally Posted by...
  6. bubbers214

    Looking at the HD570 sens (sorry)

    im not quite sure how much they are canadian, but the Audio Technica A500's are a steal at 100 dollars at I have heard both the 570's and i own the the A500's and the trounce them in every single way. I would hardily consider not getting the 570's and getting something like the...
  7. bubbers214

    Closed headphone recommendations needed!!

    I second the recommendation for the A900's, I have the 500's but have read that the 900's are better in every single way. Plus might as well get the 900's so you don't have to wonder what you are missing from the 900's (like i am at the moment, wish i would have sprung for the 900's in the first...
  8. bubbers214

    How do you watch DVD's with Headphones?

    Wasn't sure where to put this but here goes. I was just curious about those who use headphones to watch DVD's on their computer. I'm wondering what, if any, virtual surround do you use? PowerDVD offers Dolby Headphone and TruXTsurround, and my Nvidia offeres cinesurround. I currently use TruXT...
  9. bubbers214

    How long does EAC take? Others?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tmann Please help a newb: I know EAC is supposed to be the best way to rip, but I saw somewhere that it takes longer than real-time to do a CD. I'm not sure I have that kind of patience, esp. when I will have a spankin' new DAP in my hands and 800 CDs to...
  10. bubbers214

    Pictures of your Portable Rig

    Quote: Originally Posted by Thaddy Bubbers that looks like a real nice setup! My Karma and CMoy would like to go a few rounds with your iPod and Xin Your Karma wouldn't last a round
  11. bubbers214

    Pictures of your Portable Rig

    Here is a pic of my portable setup.
  12. bubbers214

    Saturday's SNL - Harry Potter Sketch w/ Lohan

    doh, it was reading my cache i guess, i didn't refresh it, but yes that was the pic i was referring to ah ha.. found another link to it. Pic
  13. bubbers214

    Saturday's SNL - Harry Potter Sketch w/ Lohan

    Don't know how many of you have seen this pic. THere is a rather large thread that was started on the anandtech forums about this subject.
  14. bubbers214

    "Best" audio player for Windows - ??

    how do you put a background picture as the playlist background?
  15. bubbers214

    BOUGHT: Sennheiser PX100

    still lookin for offers, not really wanting to buy from amazon atm.
  16. bubbers214

    BOUGHT: Sennheiser PX100

    Quote: Originally Posted by mshan Amazon has them for ~$34 new shipped! Sign up for the Amazon VISA card at's website and get a $30 credit and or support Head-Fi's website by using this link ( and get $20 back. EDIT: n/m figured it out
  17. bubbers214

    BOUGHT: Sennheiser PX100

    When I got my Shure E2's for my Ipod I sold off my other portable phones, my HD497's, but canalphones aren't the ideal phone for all situations, so I would like to buy some PX100's if any of you are willing to sell them for a decent price. PM me with any offers. Thanks.
  18. bubbers214

    OK... I admit it, SBLive is junk

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood 2. Although, I'm not sure if the Emu 1212/1820/1820M will work as independently as the RME PAD does. I can actually play music on the RME PAD at the same time as playing games with the Audigy 2. -Ed How do you go about hooking both sources up...
  19. bubbers214

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Dream Theater - Train of Thought Dream Theater - Images and Words Led Zeppelin - Latter Days Lost Prophets - Start Something Bush - Sixteen Stone
  20. bubbers214

    Where do you get your headphone stand?

    Quote: Originally Posted by azian Oh wow thats a good deal and it does look just like the one from LNT. Hey bubbers214 were there a lot of them? They had like 4 at the store that I was looking at, and that store was a fairly small store (read not a super walmart, as all walmarts...
  21. bubbers214

    headphones needed

    i bought mine from Guitar center for 70, only prob is they don't have any sort of return policy, which a lot of online places do.
  22. bubbers214

    headphones needed

    Quote: Originally Posted by phiber do they feel weird or anything? being in ear and everything i would think it would be really weird getting used to? i wouldnt need an amp either would i? they felt wierd for about 5 minutes and after that i got completely used to them, if you've...