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  1. jeffreyj900

    Huge MFSL and SACD sale

    All CD's play without issue.  Many are out of print.  Some of the CD's listed below are Hybrid CD's which means they contain both Redbook and SACD on the disc.  I have excellent feedback here, there is a link to my archived feedback in my signature.  I have described each disc to the best of my...
  2. jeffreyj900

    FS: Exemplar Denon DVD-3910

    Up for sale is a heavily modified John Tucker Exemplar Denon DVD-3910 in black.  This is a great price for this unit with all the upgrades that are included.  It is in great condition.  I'd rate the unit a conservative 8/10 and the remote a 7.5/10.  No noticeable marks on the unit other than a...
  3. jeffreyj900


    Ben purchased my Zana Deux - great communication and quick payment.  A very smooth transaction which is how it should be!  Highly recommended.
  4. jeffreyj900

    FS: HD-650 with 20 ft. Cardas Cable

    I am the original owner of both items.  I have the box for the HD-650's, but not the cable or adapter.  The HD-650's are in great condition with the exception of peeling of the head band on both sides.  Please see pictures.  They are the older model HD-650's.  I never had a problem with them...
  5. jeffreyj900

    FS: Etymotic ER-4P to ER-4S Adapter

    I have an excellent condition Etymotic P 2 S cable.  I used it less than 5 times.  I bought it from Headroom and it was manufactured by Etymotic not DIY.  Price is $35.00 which includes shipping to CONUS and paypal fees.  Feedback is in my signature.
  6. jeffreyj900

    FS: Eddie Current Zana Deux [SOLD]

      Excellent condition Eddie Current Zana Deux for sale.  It is in the same condition as when I received it.  For those of you that don't know, they come with little imperfections here and there.  Nothing major of course.  I am the original owner.  This is Zana Deux #65.  It is not the SE...
  7. jeffreyj900

    FOUND - Grover Huffman 6. RCA to RCA Interconnects - FOUND

    I have a pair.  Would like to get another.  Probably a long shot.  If you have a pair laying around in good condition, send me a PM with price to include shipping.
  8. jeffreyj900


    David bought my Grado RS-1's. He paid promptly and communication was excellent throughout. I would do business with him again for sure!
  9. jeffreyj900

    FS: Pico USB Dac [CONUS]

    ===== SOLD ===== Haven't used it much at all. Serial number 31. In exactly the same condition as I received it. I basically plugged it in, and sat it in the box it came in. I have all the original packaging, manual, little pouch, 6ft USB cable, and the rubber feet (which are not on it). I...
  10. jeffreyj900

    FS: Senn HD-580/HD-600 Grills/HD-650 Cable [CONUS]

    I have for sale a great pair of HD-580's with HD-600 and HD-580 Grills, and HD-650 Cable. I am the original owner. I have never had any problems with them and they are not a refurbished pair. The cable came from my pair of HD-650's and has only been used twice. You can find pictures HERE. The...
  11. jeffreyj900

    What will your Pico dac setup look like?

    I'll start. I have wanted a dac for a while. Figured this would be a good way to get my foot in the door so to speak. I will not use mine on the go except on vacation. I plan to use it with my PC->Zana Duex->HD-650 or RS-1. I have burned a lot of my CDs to Flac. I also have a Mac Book Pro that I...
  12. jeffreyj900


    What a great transaction! Farrell responded to an interest check I had on my MZ-R2. He offered a price including shipping that we agreed to. He then shipped a money order over night!!! He also confirmed receipt as soon as he got it. I would deal again with him for sure.
  13. jeffreyj900

    IC: Sony D-25 and Sony MZ-R2

    Thanks for looking! Please send an offer including shipping via PM for one or both. I am the original owner of both units. I have no idea how much either is worth so I made this an IC. Both seemed to skip the last time I powered them up. I do not have the power cord for either. I do have the...
  14. jeffreyj900

    FS: Moon Audio Silver Dragon 1.5ft RCA

    I have a pair of Moon Audio Silver Dragon interconnects for sale. These are 1.5 ft (~.5M), and are terminated with Cardas GRMO RCA connectors. They are in good shape. Information about the interconnects can be found here. Pictures can be found here. Offered for sale in the US only...
  15. jeffreyj900

    More Grado Love

    Well.... I couldn't resist any longer. FedEX delivered my new RS-1s yesterday. I have not done any critical listening, and have not compared them to my HD-650s. They are very light, and I don't mind wearing them. I was a little concerned about comfort from what others have posted. Glad they ship...
  16. jeffreyj900


    Larry bought my Woo Audio 3. It was a very smooth transaction. He was quick returning PM's and sent payment very quickly. I would do business with again!
  17. jeffreyj900

    WTT: Modified CD-25 for Mint UPC-200 + Cash

    As the title says. I am interested in trading my Level 3 Mod CD-25 for your mint PS Audio UPC-200 + CASH
  18. jeffreyj900

    Music Hall CD-25 Upgrade Question

    This is a noob question. I have the Sound Odyssey Level 3 CD-25. I have always been bothered that the unit is on if it is plugged into the wall (zap filter is always on). So, I am going to send it in to get it re-wired so this is not the case. I am wondering, if while it is in “the shop” I...
  19. jeffreyj900

    Jolida Source

    Has anyone heard anything about the Jolida JD-700. I am about to pull the trigger on the Jolida JD-100 level 1 mod from Sound Odyssey. I have been looking through reviews, to justify it over the Music Hall CD-25 level 3 mod, and ran across the Jolida JD-700. It seems this is a fairly new product...
  20. jeffreyj900

    XP-7 has arrived!

    I did it again... Spent more money As if headphones weren't enough I had to go and buy an amp. Looking to upgrade the source now. Must... have... Music Hall CD25... I really gotta stop coming to this place! Making the choice was not easy. I looked hard at the SR-71. I figured the XP-7 was...