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  1. Jackus

    WTB: Sony SA1000, AKG 271, Sen 280 Pro

    In addition to the Sen HD 25-1's which I posted a thread for earlier, if anyone has any of: Sony SA1000, AKG 271, or Sen 280 Pro, I would be very interested. Again, good condition is preferable, and shipping to the UK, Kent, is needed. Please, make me any offers. Thanks! -Jack
  2. Jackus

    WTB: Good condition HD 25-1

    Hey. I am looking to buy some good, like new condition HD 25-1's. They would need to be sent to the UK. Please, I am open to all offers, so just make one! Thanks
  3. Jackus

    Open? Closed? And what do I need?

    Hia there. This is my first venture into the more higher range headphones, I would say, and firstly I want to say I am looking for something that will just be driven from my iPod mini, no amp. I am currently using Sony EX71's, and the sound is, when they are inserted properly, good...