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  1. doxology

    Best sq budget android phone

    I see a lot of threads on high end brand new android phones but are there any budget cell phones to double as an audio player?   I have seen some people say the Pantech Burst sounds good but nothing concrete.    when I say budget i mean a phone that won't break the bank that you can get...
  2. doxology

    budget headphones for running that won't make me go running home for better headphones?

    ok so i am looking for a decent budget set of headphones for running, jogging, working out, that don't cause me to go running for one of my better sets of headphones. i am looking for something that is comfortable and at least has decent sound  that doesn't make it sound like every single...
  3. doxology

    skull candy

    i was at target today and noticed that they had alot canal type phones than i expected. alot of the ones i saw where ones talked about alot in the cheaper end of things. they had the denon AH-C351, also the jbl reference 220's, they also had the bose, and some sony's though i don't think...