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  1. tom hankins

    FS: Denon 103R cartridge BRAND NEW!

    Never out of the box. 265.00, I'll pay shipping in con. usa. PP, check, or M.O. This is new in the box.  check my feedback here and audiogon under tom_hankins email at
  2. tom hankins

    FS: Esound E5 Signature. Black, (RAM modified)

    This has the super mods package as seen in link below. Its a year old and in "as new" condition (easy 9) It has both balanced and se outputs and I think is better through the xlr outs. It was just over $3k with the shipping and I will take 1600.00 OBO. I am putting the money into my analog...
  3. tom hankins

    XLR to RCA help needed

    I need a pr. of XLR female to RCA male connectors. I dont want want to get a pr. of rebuilt cables, just a small connector with XLR on one side and rca on the other. I wont use them long so I dont want to pay the 75.00 bucks for the Cardas or even more for the BAT made ones. Can anybody lead me...
  4. tom hankins


    I have three pr. of Cardas Interconnects for sale. 1 pr. 1/2 meter Golden Reference RCA 350.00 1 pr. 1 Meter Golden Reference XLR 435.00 1 pr. 1 meter Golden Cross XLR 435.00 I will pay shipping and paypal fees. These cables are in perfect condition and are the new models with the black heat...
  5. tom hankins

    FS: Audioquest DBS itnerconnects

    Time to move up to the Sky ICs from audioquest. I have three pr. of there cables for sale to be able to afford this move. These cables offer a huge soundstage, tons of detail, very smooth, with a slightly warm signature. They are worth the money and IMO as good as cables get. 2 pr. 1M Panther...
  6. tom hankins

    BEL CANTO CD-1 anyone heard it??

    Has anyone had the chance to listen to the Bel Canto CD-1? They seem to be closing them out already and sticking mainly to the 1/2 size components. Any reviews anyone can lead me to. I have searched but come up with nothing. Thanks!
  7. tom hankins

    CABLE SALE-Bogdan, Audioquest

    Audioquest Copperhead 1 meter RCA. These are excellent affordable cables. If your looking to get your first pr. of well made cables that will improve your system, look no farther. $60.00 PM me with any other info. I will try to get pics up by tomorrow. Thanks. These are what I have left. Dump...
  8. tom hankins

    FS: Nitty Gritty record cleaner

    <<<<<SOLD>>>>>I got the Mini Pro II. The top of the line Nitty Gritty cleaner. It's in very good shape and was 1050.00 when purchased new about two years ago. It automaticly cleans both sides at once. I will sell for 550.00 plus shipping. I will eat the paypal fees. PM me if your interested. Tom
  9. tom hankins


    Fast and easy transaction. Paid very quickly and stayed in contact. Would deal with again A+++
  10. tom hankins

    FS: Consonance Droplet 5.0 CDP

    SOLD SOLD SOLDThis is a fantastic sounding CDP. I have heard nothing close to it in its price range, and very few above. It is in very good condition and has around 150-200 hours on it. I am the original owner. Its time to make the leap to my one box sacd/cd player. This player is built like a...
  11. tom hankins

    WTB--Bogdan Gold/Silver or Silver

    I need a couple more pr. of cables for another system. I am looking for either the Bogdan gold/silver ref. or the silver spirit ref. I prefer the gold/silver. Length is open. I need both SE and XLR. Mainly XLR. Let me know via PM if you have anything. tHANKS.
  12. tom hankins

    New speakers here!!!!!

    I've added a couple shots of the whole system at the end of this thread. I have changed digital source and racks. After a lot of thought and wondering which way to go, it came down to three speakers. The Legacy Whispers, Wilson Sophias, or Thiel CS7.2. And the winner is ddddddrrrrruuuummmmmmmm...
  13. tom hankins

    FS: SONY SCD-1 sacd player

    SOLD SOLDThis thing is in as new condition. I am the second owner and it has never had any trouble. I have all original shipping material. No scratchs or marks on it. I am asking SOLD and I will cover the paypal fees, and the shipping cost. Thank for looking.
  14. tom hankins

    Dynavector P75 phono stage FS

    I paid 595.00 for this phono a few months back and have since upgraded to a high dollar BAT tube stage. I am the only owner. It works well with both low output MC and MM cartidges. Best Ive heard any where near this price. Asking 370.00 and I will cover shipping and paypal fees. USA sales only...
  15. tom hankins

    FS: ORITEK X1 cables 1m (rca)

    In perfect condition. Search for reviews here, and online. SOLD SOLD shipped in the con. USA. Thank you. Paypal preferred.
  16. tom hankins

    Which record cleaner do you use?

    I'm looking for one in the $500 range and it looks like either one of the Nitty Gritty products, or the VPI 16.5. Anyone use either or both, and can give me some insight to them or something else I should check into? Thanks for any help.
  17. tom hankins

    MM or high output MC cartridge for Scoutmaster??

    Looking for a good MM or high output MC cartridge in the "$850.00 tops" range to use with a VPI scoutmaster and GSP Era Gold MK. V phono stage. Any info will be helpful.
  18. tom hankins

    Pre amp shopping time... Any advice??

    I'm getting ready to start auditioning preamps in my system. I want tubes and have around $5K to spend on a new one. So far I am going to try the BAT VK-31SE, Audio Research LS25 MKII, and McINTOSH 2200. Any others out there you guys think I should try? Must have balanced inputs and outputs as...
  19. tom hankins

    Speaker room complete

    I've got my room up and running today. Here are some quick photos. New cables, new amps, new speakers, make for a long month with many changes to come. I have the acoustic stuff for the room coming from Auralex. I also got a new loveseat today. So far it sounds alot better than I thought since...
  20. tom hankins

    Room Tuning Kits info???

    Can any of you guys and gals give me any info on acoustic room tuning kits, or websites of companies that sell them. Any info will be helpful.
  21. tom hankins

    FS: LAT International AC-2 power cord

    I have one six foot Lat AC-2 power cord for sale. It has the upgraded wattgate IEC. These PC's are the ones I have used over other very high price cords through the years. This is an almost new cable with less than 100 hours on it. They sell for 224.00 new. I will take 110.00, and I'll cover the...
  22. tom hankins

    FS: Sennheiser HEV70/HE60 Baby-O system

    For sale is my Baby-O system. It includes both the HEV70 amp and HE60 phones. It comes in original boxes with the RCA jacks. It's in excellent condition. 775.00 shipped to the lower 48 or Canada. Contact me by PM or my email address through this site. Thank you.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD tHESE...
  23. tom hankins

    FS: Sennheiser HE60/HEV70 Baby-O system

    SOLD SOLD For sale is my Baby-O system in excellent condition. It includes both phones and the senn. amp. It also includes original boxes and the extra RCA jacks that came with the system. I will sell it for 775.00 shipped to the lower 48 or Canada. Contact me by PM or my email address. Thank...
  24. tom hankins

    Older model Singlepower Supra review, positive-feedback

    This has probably been done, but its the only one besides Hirschs review I have seen of the older model Supra. The link doesnt seem to work. Its at positive feedback online issue 15. The only way I got through to it is by typing in...
  25. tom hankins

    Marantz SA-11 S1...Anyone heard one?

    Has anyone heard the new top of the line 2-channel sacd player from Marantz? Any opinions? Can anyone lead me to any reviews of this CDP? Thanks for any help. I dont seem to find much on this thing and I'm wondering if it is on the level of the older Marantz SA-1.