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  1. sdotfire

    120G WhipMOD MINT!!!

    I am selling my fiancee's WhipMOD, she made an account and has yet to hit the requirements for selling and I bought it for her anyways lol.  I purchased a 240 for myself and her 120 along with it.  This is in absolute mint condition, she never really got into the whole high-end audio thing and...
  2. sdotfire

    FS RSA Protector Silver MINT Condition

    Hey guys, I am selling my RSA Protector in MINT condition.  This baby is brand new as any used amp comes.  I will post pictures as soon as possible but there isn't a scratch on it and I only used them for my JH-16's which probably only produced 50 hours of use and I have never used the SE output...
  3. sdotfire

    Twisted Cables "low-profile" LOD

    I purchased this last summer and used it mainly for my iPhone 3G-S/4.  I loved it because it set up perfectly for my P-51 but I am selling it now and really have no use for it.  It is a copper/silver (TWcu and SCSag) combo with the copper being used as for the ground and silver for both the...
  4. sdotfire

    HD800 in Mint Condition with optional Whiplash Audio TWag Balanced Cryo-Parts Carbon Fiber Termination

    I am selling this practically new set of beautiful cans due to financial reasons and to be honest they were just not my cup of tea.  I bought them a couple of months ago and have put on less than 40 hours of burn in.  As you can see in the pictures they are absolutely immaculate.  9.9/10  They...
  5. sdotfire

    Which DIY portable amp should I build first?

    I decided to try my hand at building a portable amp because I am capable of soldering and making LODs and ICs.  Any suggestions on which should be my first project?  I own a few portable amps already: TTVJslim, RX, P51, Lisa III, PicoSlim (pre-order), Arrow12HE and GoVibe Vulcan VB.  Opamps is...
  6. sdotfire

    Help Deciding between full RWA iMod portable rig and HiFiMan HM-801, what is the ultimate rig basically?

    So it seems to be the general consensus that the HiFiMan is one of the best DAPs out there my only issue with it is it's size.  For around $500 I can get a RWA iMod 240G 5.5G, of course I will need to get a good LOD (probably ALO) and possibly an external portable VCap Dock (but that is a lot of...
  7. sdotfire

    WTB: Sony X1061 32G or S-FLO2 32G or iMod

    I want to buy either of these PMP's and anything else that comes with them.  I am leaning towards the iMod route because I am an Apple guy but am considering the other two because I have heard such great things.  Let me know if anyone has these PMP's they want to get rid of or an entire portable...
  8. sdotfire

    WTT: iPod 160G 6G

    I want to trade my iPod 6G 160G for an iMod 5.5G 120G or 220G, I am willing to pay extra for the trade or also accept offers for selling the iPod outright.  I am the first owner of this iPod and will post pics soon, it is in mint condition and is barely used.  I am looking for an entire portable...
  9. sdotfire

    WTB: Portable V-Cap Dock or Complet iMod rig

    I want to buy a Portable V-Cap Dock from ALO Audio.  Also, I would like to purchase the mini to mini cable if possible.  Let me know if anyone has this particular item for sale, I am also willing to purchase a complete portable rig if possible.  Thank you.   Regards, sdotfire
  10. sdotfire

    [EDIT] WTB P51 or SR71A or Protector

    Not sure which RSA amp I want to get but I have heard good things about the Protector and Predator. I need to get one for a comparison to my Lisa III standard. I mainly own IEM's (TBP Gold/Copper/Tributes, UM3X/3, IE8, Hippo VB/Shroom-i and Beats by Dre are the only OEM I currently own). I want...
  11. sdotfire

    Vulcan VB or Magnum or Arrow or Lisa III

    I have been trying to figure this out for way too long now and really don't want to waste my money on something that won't suite my needs. Which is finding an amp to provide the BEST bass possible with my current phones: Monster Turbine Pro Gold's/Copper's/Tribute's, Turbines, Sennheiser IE8...
  12. sdotfire

    BEST Cheap Custom IEM company

    I have bought a few pairs of universal fit IEM's and know that you can get them tips that are custom molded to your ears but I want straight up custom IEM's. I don't want to break the bank on some JH16 pros or UE11/18s. Right now I am considering Alienears (but have heard bad things about...
  13. sdotfire

    Help deciding the best bass IEM for a "bass-head" with SQ, would like iPhone capabilities but not essential

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have been doing tons of research on your website and have even resorted to calling most of the big name manufactures (Shure, Grado, Monster, Klipsch, UE, Westone, Senn., etc.). So basically my main source for audio is from my...