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  1. marvie

    WTB: mini Y splitters

    I know I can get cheapies off radioshack or ebay.. but I'm worried that it might degrade the signal or something.. so I figured that someone here might have a better ones lying around. I will only spend about $5 bucks though.. it's only for using with my Audigy2 and Sony CD780s. PM me with...
  2. marvie

    FS: Grado flat pads

    I got these off someone here for $28 and I will sell it off for $28 shipped too. They are basically in perfect condition.. it was on my SR80 but I don't have it anymore so I'm selling this. I have just used it for about 24 hrs. Pics upon request but I don't really see what's so interesting...
  3. marvie

    Good, comfortable portable closed ear/headphones about $60?

    After reading through like 50 pages of threads, I've come to the conclusion that you guys will probably suggest the V6/7506 or Eggos based on my suggestions above. Some points of reference: I like the way my KSC35 sounds off the iPod, but the problem is that it leaks. Comfort is just...
  4. marvie

    So I got a Grado SR80...

    .. but I wasn't blown away by the sound as expected And all I got for wearing it are two sore ears. I think I'll just trade this for some ultra comfy Sony MDR-CD780s since my ears probably can't tell apart a dog's bark from a cat's meow Oh wellllll. Would this be wise?
  5. marvie

    newbie: HD497 upgrade at roughly the same price?

    I want to replace my HD497 which I've used for about a year. Some trouble developed with the cord and I figured that I might as well just change the entire set rather than just replace the cable I wasn't 100% happy with the HD497 anyway since it isn't very comfortable if I wear it for a long...