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  1. GMF2010

    Audeze LCD-3 Mahogany Wooden Box

    Up for sale is a brand new storage box for the LCD line of Audeze headphones, which I had purchased as an extra. This is the deep mahogany storage box with high gloss finish. I have since sold my headphones and have no use for the box. Asking $OLD + shipping to the Continental US.
  2. GMF2010

    FS: Plexiglass cover for PWD / DirectStream / P5

    Up for sale is a custom plexiglass cover sized for the PWD/PWDII / DirectStream / P5 Regenerator. This is sized for a stock device without any aftermarket feet or bases. The cover is great for keeping the dust off of the piano finish or keeping dust from getting inside the ventilation grill of...
  3. GMF2010

    Mullard ECC32 - Brown Base

    I decided to sell off most of my audio equipment, which includes my tube collection for my Eddie Current Balancing Act.   The first tubes up for sale are:   Mullard Branded ECC32 (rarer brown base version) - This tube was used in my Balancing Act set-up and still functions fine - $215   Tung...
  4. GMF2010

    Peavey Vypyr 30 30W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp (NYC Local)

    Up for sale is a Like New Peavey Vypyr 30 30W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp. I bought this with the intention of leaning to play, but never did. This is a great amp for someone just starting out or on a budget, as there are tons of options you'd otherwise need pedals to achieve.
  5. GMF2010

    FS: Epiphone Les Paul Standard - Vintage Sunburst // Peavey Vyper 30W Amp // Hard Case // More

    I bought this guitar at the end of 2010, but just never had the time to learn to play it. I can count the times I attempted to play it on one hand, so this thing is in excellent shape. I'm including a Epiphone hard case ($80 value), Amp cable (25 feet), 7 sets of extra strings, an Ernie Ball...
  6. GMF2010

    Pair of NOS R10 on Flea Bay.... Drool

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed these for sale, but seeing such an iconic headphone still sitting there, brand new in the box, makes me warm and fuzzy! Granted, I'd never pay what the seller is asking, but I'm sure it's worth it to someone!   For your oogling pleasure:  ...
  7. GMF2010

    FS: Norse Norn XLR Interconnects - 2 feet *ANOTHER PRICE DROP*

    Up for sale is a pair of Norse Audio Norn XLR interconnect cables. The cables are in great shape and measure 2 feet in length.     Asking price is $45, shipped.
  8. GMF2010

    FS: NOS National Union 6F8G + 6F8G to 6SN7 Adapter

    For sale is a National Union 6F8G with round plates and 6F8G to 6SN7 adapter (made in the USA, not a cheap Chinese one from eBay). I just received the tube yesterday, but it wasn't my thing.   Tested on a precision 10-20 tube tester where a good 5X4G must read 54 or above on each section and...
  9. GMF2010

    FS: Woo Audio Double Headphone Stand -- Black

    Up for sale is a nearly new Woo Audio Double 'T' Headphone stand in black.   I recently purchased this stand, but got in on the chrome run, so this one is up for sale.   Condition is 9.5/10   These go for $90, shipped from Woo, but I'll let this one go for $65, shipped. PayPal gift...
  10. GMF2010

    Norse Audio Norn OCC 4-wire LCD-3 Cable - 8' with 4-pin XLR Termination

    Up for sale is Norse Audio Norn 4-wire cable for the LCD-3 / LCD-2.   It is 8' long with a Zebrano wood splitter and 4-pin XLR termination.   Cosmetically 10/10   Priced to sell at $70, shipped, to CONUS.
  11. GMF2010

    Norse Audio Norn OCC 8-wire LCD-3 Cable - 14' with 4-pin XLR Termination

    Up for sale is Norse Audio Norn 8-wire cable for the LCD-3 / LCD-2.   It is 14' long with a Zebrano wood splitter and 4-pin XLR termination.   Cosmetically 10/10   Priced to sell at $140, shipped, to CONUS.
  12. GMF2010

    FS: Audez'e LCD-3 Wooden Box - Piano Black

    Up for sale is a piano black Audez'e LCD-3 box. The box is in great shape and comes with silk covered foam insert.   This box makes for classy storage if you don't have a pair of LCD-3!   Price is $50.00, shipped to CONUS.
  13. GMF2010

    Wanted: PS Audio Soloist Premier

    Looking for a Soloist Premier in new or like-new condition.   Thanks.
  14. GMF2010

    FS: Strong Sylvania Black Plate JAN CHS 6SN7 WGT

    For sale is (1) Sylvania Black Plate JAN CHS 6SN7 WGT   As pictured, the glass is a little tilted, but this has no impact on sonics.   Price is $45.00, shipped.
  15. GMF2010

    $OLD: Audeze ADZ-6-B4

    I have a brand new ADZ-6-B4 for sale.   This is the latest 4-pin balanced cable that Audeze offers. It is compatible with the LCD-2 and LCD-3.   The cable is as new and has never even been taken out of the bag.   Picture is stock.   Asking $OLD, shipped to CONUS.
  16. GMF2010

    Black Chrome Isolation Feet / Speaker Spikes / Component Feet

    Up for sale is a set of 4 Black Chrome Isolation Feet.   I took these off a DIY component and no longer need them.   These are the adhesive type, which require no drilling. The only thing you will need to source on your own is some good double sided adhesive (3M automotive trim tape...
  17. GMF2010

    $OLD: Audez'e LCD-2 Rev. 2 (Like New) + Norse Balanced Cable

    Up for sale are a pristine pair of LCD-2 Rev. 2 with leather headband and wood storage box (matte not the high gloss). Also included is a 10 foot, 8-conductor, Norse Audio Balanced cable (4-pin XLR) with Caribbean Rosewood splitter.   Both the headphones and cable are cosmetically flawless...
  18. GMF2010

    38x28mm Black Aluminum Knob

    For sale is an extra Alps size (6mm shaft) volume knob.   Dimension: 38mm (Diameter) x 28mm (Height) Max shaft length = 23mm     $OLD shipped  
  19. GMF2010

    $OLD: Jena Labs Ultrawire XLR Interconnects **2nd Price Drop**

    Up for sale is a pair of 19" Jena Labs Ultrawire XLR Interconnects.   These cables were made by Fallen Angel and sound fantastic.   Condition is 10/10.   PayPal as gift or add 4%, no trades.   Thanks for looking.    
  20. GMF2010

    New Products from Wyred 4 Sound at RMAF

    Per the Wyred 4 Sound Site ----   Looks like there will be a mini, all-in-one, integrated amp, a music server, two new DACs, and a USB to S/PDIF converter.
  21. GMF2010

    LN: Nikon Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm G VR 2.8 Lens

    Nikon Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm G VR 2.8 Lens Nice example of this lens, 10/10 on condition. Everything functions flawlessly and it takes great photos (the sharpest I've ever used). If you shoot sports, indoor or outdoor, this is a must have in your arsenal. I have the original receipt from...
  22. GMF2010

    $OLD: Fully Balanced B22 Amplifier with Dual S22 PSU (Custom Panels, Jena Wire, Must See!) ***Another Price Drop!! 4/5***

    Now officially for sale is my fully balanced B22...   4 Front Panel Express 4mm panels on front/rear of amp and PSU (LED illuminated ring around volume knob) Amplifiers running in dual-mono configuration Dual Sigma 22 Power Supply (Amphenol Power connectors x2, Bulgin push-button power...
  23. GMF2010

    $OLD: Twisted Pear Audio -- Buffalo 32s (custom panels, Jena wire, must see) **PRICE DROP**

    **This is now officially for sale**   I have a Twisted Pear Audio Buffalo 32s that I may be interested in selling. I'm not ready to let it go yet, but I want to see if there are interested parties.   The DAC was assembled by FallenAngel, so the quality of work is not in question.   The unit is...
  24. GMF2010

    FS: AUDEZE LCD-2 XLR Cable (3-Pin)

    For sale is a 3-Pin XLR cable for the LCD-2. This is the original version of the cable, but with the upgraded nylon sheathing after the Y split, instead of the microphonic mesh that was originally used. This cable is stock, never used, from Audeze. The only modification that was made was the...
  25. GMF2010

    Vortex Math, for the future!

    If the slightly 'political' intro to this video makes it taboo for head-fi, please remove this post. However, it is extremely interesting and I think you folks will enjoy it.\\   ~Greg