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  1. fe2cruz

    Will High Power Amplifier + dampening that creates forceful air movement overly stress my drivers & shorten their usable lifespan?

    I have beyerdynamic DT250 headphones: 45mm drivers 250Ohms 100mW 97dB I sealed off the cup exhaust ports and covered the cups with acoustic foam to maximize isolation and tighten up the bass that was dark, overpowering and slow to release. After the changes they sounded bright and bass...
  2. fe2cruz

    Low volume long listening sessions below 9 O'clock

    I'm looking for something to fill the hole between the two extremes of my favorite headphones for low volume listening. I want a natural compression that will keep the volume level steady and low, but not allow soft sections to drop inaudible or loud blasts of sound to jump out and attack...