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  1. reginalb

    Astell&Kern AK300 does not have a parametric Equalizer

    So, I've held off on posting this too bluntly, but I feel that I've been in contact with their support team long enough (and through an update) that I should bring this to the attention of the community. Astell&Kern prominently advertises that the AK300 has a parametric equalizer, but it...
  2. reginalb

    Is this how EQ is supposed to work?

    Alright, so I'm pretty new to messing with equalizers. I don't really trust myself to do it well. But I figure, correcting a bad FR in a DAP to flat is a good start. My assumption was if I set a value at, say 100Hz to +1db, and 150Hz to +.5 dB, it should be at about -.75dB at 125Hz. If it's at...
  3. reginalb

    I just discovered another waste!

    So, I have some UM Merlins. Their input impedance is silly low (12Ω) which seemed like as good a reason as any to get a DAP. So I got a Sony ZX1, class D amp should work really well with them. I got an AK300 for other reasons. But today I ran an RMAA test with the Merlins as a load.     ...
  4. reginalb

    Astell&Kern OS and development

    So, I read in another thread that A&K players might be using a heavily customized version of Android. I have been trying to decide on a new DAP. I like to tinker, and had considered a Cowon Plenue D and FiiO X3, both of which allow UI customization. That said, things like Bluetooth and wifi are...
  5. reginalb

    AKG Q701 White

    I've got a pair of AKG Q701 headphones up on the block. These are great cans, but not really a great fit for my current needs. They have a fabulously wide soundstage, but I have a surround sound system for that these days, and I would rather have closed back headphones so that the whole world...
  6. reginalb

    Good deal for some mutlichannel audio

    If you want to get in to multi-channel audio, this is a sweet deal:   I...
  7. reginalb

    Head pain using Surface Pro 3 as source

    So, This is kind of weird, but wondering if there is maybe a type of distortion that could cause this.    When I use my Surface Pro 3 tablet as a source I get a slight pain in my temple, specifically around the sphenoid bone (just behind the eyes - in front of the temporal bone). I first...
  8. reginalb

    FiiO E18 Kunlun

    Selling this unit by itself (can provide mico-usb), and it's original little silicon bag. I don't know what I did with the bands, or the short usb cords that it came with. IT's in really good shape, since it never really gets used. Does have it's little rubber feet installed on the bottom, so it...
  9. reginalb

    Hifiman HM-101

    Selling an HM-101. IF you're somewhere with a lot of EMI - not the card for you. Otherwise, it's really great at a great price. A few scratches on the top, but in otherwise good condition. Not much to say about this other than that.
  10. reginalb

    Clip+ Rockboxed - the King of Sansa's

    That's right, I'm selling a Clip+, with Rockbox installed, in great condition (that's dust on the back), for $30. What?!?!?! Isn't that the best Sansa EVAR?!?! You're probably saying, and sure enough - it is. But there is a small scratch on the screen, and this player was always the king of bang...
  11. reginalb

    Ratty Pioneer HDJ-2000's

    I know what you're thinking, $80 (lowered to $65) for Pioneer's most awesomest headphones (well, the MK1 version, so maybe next awesomest)? What?!?!?! It might sound crazy, but look at the pictures. For price disclosure, I knocked a significant amount off of what Amazon Wharehouse Deals sells...
  12. reginalb

    Ultimate Ears UE6000

    Asking $40 shipped in the CONUS, will ship outside, but would have to add some shipping charges. These headphones are in pretty good shape, but the left cover has a broken clip, I think. I've illustrated this in one of the pictures. They look solid otherwise, and will come with the original...
  13. reginalb

    Transient Intermodulation Distortion

    So, I have been looking for good information about this, and haven't found any.    Background, there is a company that has a patented amplification technology that allegedly eliminates this terrible problem with solid state amplifiers, IMD. Their tech is dubbed "Current amplification," and its...
  14. reginalb

    Sony NW-ZX1 Review

    Methodology       As indicated in the subject like, this is going to be a review of the Sony NW-ZX1. I'll be conducting this review by A-Bing a series of songs, using a Sescom SES-IPOD-AB A/B switch. This allows me to plugin in two devices at once in to separate inputs, and a headphone in to...
  15. reginalb

    Measuring output voltage of the Sony ZX1

    So, I'm having some issues. I want to measure the output voltage of the ZX1 so that I can get its output impedance. Problem is, I can't get my old (admittedly cheapo) multimeter, or the new fancy one that I got when I was having trouble, to measure any output voltage at all from the Sony.   ...
  16. reginalb

    DX50 in great shape

    I am going to sell my DX50, I like using Google Music All Access way too much, and I am going to pick up a Fiio e18 in its stead.   I will add pictures after I get home this evening, but it's in great shape, and it will come in its original box, with the little felt pouch, the usb cable that...
  17. reginalb

    HM-601 Firmware update

    I sent a PM to Nankai, 2 weeks ago today, and he said that there was an imminent (read: within one week) firmware update on its way. Did I miss it? Anyone know where this update may be? Was it delayed?
  18. reginalb

    My local Best Buy sells really good headphones - who knew?

    So, my BB has all the usual suspects, they have a few decent pairs of Sonys, the bottom end Sennheisers, and the headphones available to sample are Beats (all of them), and a pair of skullcandys. However, the back of the local Best Buy also has an "Instrument Center," or something like that...