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  1. itsborken

    ATH-M50 vs AKG K-271 MK II

    I have both and actually prefer the K271 over the M50. The K271 provides better detail and the M50 has too much bass for me.  I can understand why people would prefer the M50 as people also prefer Bose and Beats because they like that big boomy sound.  Different strokes.
  2. itsborken

    amp for the Akg k701

    I liked the Gilmore Lite with the K701s.  If you can spring for another $50 you can pick one of a few AMB M3's on the for sale side with upgraded power supplies.
  3. itsborken

    FS Ultrasone Pro 900

    Seller has been banned so I doubt you will get a reply.
  4. itsborken

    Meier Audio Concerto vs Headamp GS-1?

    I can't comment on the Concerto but I've had the Opera and GS-1 and greatly preferred the GS's clarity. The waiting time for one to be built or listed is tough to endure but it is worth the wait.
  5. itsborken

    Upgrading a classic Canamp - K701 combo. Recommendations?

    The Glite and M3 are pretty much equivalent as has been previously stated.  The GS-1 has a little more power and gives it some depth, a GS-X is just overkill for 701s.  I'd tend to agree that upgrading your source would give you the most benefit from what you've settled on so far.
  6. itsborken

    Help with balanced cables...

    XLR is generally used for long cable runs because it the signals put down the two lines are positive and negative signal which makes it noise cancelling.  A single ended signal and constant ground doesn't have that characteristic and changing the termination at the ends of the cables doesn't do...
  7. itsborken


    Adam bought a Mini3 amplifier from me.  He paid promptly and it has been a pleasure doing business with him.  I hope we get the chance to do so again, easy Canadian sale   Thanks Adam!
  8. itsborken

    What's your favorite computer keyboard?

    Ditto, I got one for home and liked it so much I bought one for work too.  When I get paged in the middle of the night that backlit keyboard is a godsend compared to being blinded by an overhead light after a deep sleep.  The keys are a joy to type on; I thought I'd always want the full range...
  9. itsborken


    Henry purchased a Glite+DPS from me.  He is a pleasant person to chat with and paid for the purchase promptly.  Can't say enough good things, thanks for the interest and enjoy the amp Henry.
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  20. itsborken

    Why do sellers say 'CONUS only' ?

    ^ I would think to myself, it's nothing personal, it's just business.
  21. itsborken


    David purchased my Heed Canamp.  I really enjoyed talking to him about the amp and his requirements; it seems to be the amp he would really appreciate.   He paid promptly and let me know the day he received it and how much he enjoyed the difference with his 701s.  It's been a perfect transaction...
  22. itsborken

    What Speakers Do You Own?

    Nothing fancy   spica 50i M&K MPS 1611P Dynaudio BM6A Mk II   Happy owner of Sound Anchor's too.
  23. itsborken

    Why do sellers say 'CONUS only' ?

    Quote: I hope you don't think you will convince me to sell to you one day by calling me lazy. It isn't working.  
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