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  1. DonRoger

    Need your help upgrading my HD650

    Hello, I'm in for a new pair of headphones to replace my HD650, my budget is 1000 to 1200 max ( maybe 1500 if it's really worth it). I use my headphones with a Schiit Valhalla 2 -> Dragonfly Red -> Spotify Premium/PC. The headphones i'm looking at so far: HD800s (€1590, a lot over my budget...
  2. DonRoger

    New full-sized headphone to get the best out of my Fiio X1 ( and Fiio E12 )

    Hi, I currently using a SHR840 right now. I like the cans a lot, but I want to spend more for another headphone. My max budget is like 500 to 650 dollar. As the title said; I like to get the best out of my Fiio x1 player, and E12 amp.    I hope you can really help me out with this.   (it's a...
  3. DonRoger

    Can not find a decent portable amp.

    I've been searching for like a full week, and I still can not find a good amp for around 158 euro/200 dollar. I want to use it for my SHR840 (and maybe sometimes for my se215), I hope you guys can help me out!   Greetz!
  4. DonRoger

    Best IEM? Max. $400 budget

    Hello, I want to buy a new pair of IEM's around $400. Now I know there doesn't really exist a "best" one, and I can't really choose from the IEM guide, it drives me completely nuts. I bought the Shure SE-215 almost a year ago and I loved it really much, but I want something similar ( with the...
  5. DonRoger

    Best music player for my in ears.

    Hi, I'm pretty new with this. I bought a Shure se215 a while ago but the music is not really the best on my HTC One X, so I wonder what the best music player is for the Shure under the 100 euro/132 dollar. I didn't found something what's good for this price, and I really hope you can help me out...