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  1. The Neverhood

    Wanted STAX L300LTD

    Hi, I'm looking for an L300LTD, preferably in the EU.
  2. The Neverhood

    Sennheiser CH 800 S Balanced XLR cable HD800/HD800S

    Lightly used, like new condition. Price includes Royal Mail SD within the UK
  3. The Neverhood

    Wanted: HD800

    I'm looking for an HD800. I have an OPPO PM-2 with PM-1 alternative lambskin pads (the pads are only a few days old) for trade. If you're not interested in the PM-2, send me a price :)
  4. The Neverhood

    SOLD OPPO PM-2 headphones with PM-1 alternative lambskin leather pads

    They're in good condition. The stock pads had some tears in them, and it's a common problem with OPPO's synthetic pads, so I paid more for the alternative lambskin pads (they're equivalent to the stock PM-2 pads). The pads are only a few days old (the receipt will be included) They come with...
  5. The Neverhood

    Van den Hul The Well Hybrid RCA interconnect 1m

    I bought a few of these interconnects a few months ago, and this one has not been used due to being stored away.
  6. The Neverhood

    JDS Labs ODAC RCA with ferrite USB cable

    I'm selling my ODAC (Black), fully functional, and cosmetically in good condition.   UK only.    Price includes postage (Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded). 
  7. The Neverhood

    Lindy premium headphones

    The Lindy premium headphones, like the Fischer Audio FA-003, and Brainwavz HM5, are the Yogo CD-880 headphones re-branded. I will add photos soon. These come with the carry case, cable, spare ear pads, and the 1/8" to 1/4" adapter. They are cosmetically in excellent condition, and are...
  8. The Neverhood

    RE272 vs ER4S

    Hi Everyone,   I need your help in deciding between the ER4S and RE272. I have carefully read every review on the aforementioned IEMs, and still no distinctive answer has arised. I would greatly appreciate anyone who has experienced both the ER4S and RE272 to comment and provide comparison...
  9. The Neverhood

    Hifiman RE262 REVIEW

    Build Quality: The actual housing seems durable, though nothing special. The cable however feels rather cheap, quality that would be expected from earphones costing significantly less, to the extent that I’m considering re-cabling them. I really wish Hifiman would improve quality in this...