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  1. davehg

    Reply to review by 'davehg' on item 'Lumin D2'

    A few thoughts. - I found the Lumin D2 thread on Roon and followed the advice from user wlie (the tech guy from Lumin who gives the preferred settings in Lumin and Roon app) and it really helped. Here’s the thread - it’s long...
  2. davehg

    Reply to review by 'davehg' on item 'Lumin D2'

    You need a Roon server - that is how Roon works. You can use a regular PC or a dedicated Nucleus device - same thing. I wanted a dedicated device and not a standard PC, as it may produce a slight sonic benefit and i don’t need to boot up and hassle with a PC. But you can just use a standard PC...
  3. davehg

    Review by 'davehg' on item 'Lumin D2'

    I've enjoyed digital audio for quite some time, ditching my high end CD transport in 2005 for a Mac Mini based music server feeding a high end DAC, and later adding a highly modified Squeezebox SB3 with a custom linear power supply. This setup "served" me well until I tired of having a computer...
  4. Lumin D2

    Lumin D2

    The Lumin D2 is a Roon ready media streamer, with native DSD 128 and DSD64 DAC using Wolfson dual-mono WM8741 DAC with SPDIF output (using BNC)
  5. davehg

    Reply to review by 'davehg' on item 'Pro-Ject Debut Carbon'

    A quick note that I've since sold the table and upgraded to the VPI Prime. It is in a different league, but the Pro-Ject with the mods and upgraded cartridge is good enough to make you happy.
  6. davehg

    Review by 'davehg' on item 'VPI Prime'

    I switched to the VPI Prime after a few months with a Pro-Ject Carbon Debut table - a great entry level table that provides a glimpse of great vinyl but left me wanting much more. The step from the Pro-Ject to the VPI is a massive step. The Pro-Ject retails for about $700 with needed upgrades...
  7. VPI Prime

    VPI Prime

    Belt driven table with 20 lb CNC milled aluminum platter, outboard 300 rpm motor, and 3d printed tone arm.
  8. davehg

    Review by 'davehg' on item 'Pro-Ject Debut Carbon'

    I've been into vinyl previously but in the mid-90's, sold my high end VPI table and never looked back. I ended up recently with a bunch of new records and nothing to play them on, and decided to test the vinyl waters again - there is much more interesting and better sounding choices now than...