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  1. Greg121986

    FS: Monolith AAA 887

    Forgot to take pics of this, but I have a Monolith THX AAA 887 in excellent condition. I can get pics tomorrow. Ships in retail box with all included accessories. $335 shipped.
  2. Greg121986

    SOLD: Schiit Modius black

    SOLD! Please delete. Impulse bought this and really enjoyed it. But then I thought well, how much would I like the Gungnir? So for now, I am keeping the Gungnir. :) This barely saw 4-5 weeks of use before it was put back in the box. I bought it in from Schiit in June of 2020. It's in perfect...
  3. Greg121986

    FS: Focal Drop Elex

    Bought these in the middle of October and they are essentially as new and in excellent condition. The plastic is still on the cables. I put less than 40 hours of use into them. $560 shipped.
  4. Greg121986

    SOLD: Khadas Toneboard & Audioquest Cinnamon

    Selling this Khadas Toneboard VIMs edition. I've always just used the USB-C input. The electrical tape is to cover the LED. $80 shipped for the Toneboard only. SOLD the Khadas Toneboard only. I will keep the USB C cable.
  5. Greg121986

    SOLD: Monoprice Liquid Platinum

    SOLD because my price was super low. Selling this minty Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum. I have used this with excellent results with Focal Clear and Massdrop Mrspeakers Ether CX. It's been used in my office on average twice a week since I received it on Feb. 1. I am selling because I've...
  6. Greg121986

    SOLD: Creative SoundblasterX G5

    SOLD I really like this a lot for gaming. I am selling only because I got a new SoundblasterX G6. I actually think the G5 sounds better with my Sennheiser GSP 300, but since the G6 is shiny and new I am going to keep it anyway. I also forgot to return it to Amazon. It comes in the original...
  7. Greg121986

    SOLD: Focal Clear & MD Fostex TR-X00

    ALL SOLD With a change in career coming, I find myself giving up a nearly silent corner office with tons of windows and room for a massive dedicated headphone setup for one that will not afford me the same luxury. Lame. My professional misery is your gain! Focal Clear: You know what this is...
  8. Greg121986

    FS: Audio-GD NFB7.77

    Selling my Audio-GD NFB7.77 with standard Amanero Combo 384 USB installed, and HDMI I2S input instead of the RJ45 I2S that came standard. I purchased a kit from Audio-GD to upgrade to their newer version with the USB isolator and dedicated power supply, but the installation process is tedious so...
  9. Greg121986

    SOLD: Analysis Plus Silver Apex RCA 1.0M

    SOLD Perfect condition Silver Apex RCA interconnect pair 1.0 meter. I got these new 6 months ago. I am changing from a single-ended amp to a fully balanced setup so I will acquire the same cable with XLR connectors. These are the best interconnects I've found so far. They are thin, low mass...
  10. Greg121986

    FS: Sennheiser GSP300 gaming headset

    Decided to keep it.
  11. Greg121986

    SoundblasterX G5 gaming soundcard

    Decided to keep it. Please delete.
  12. Greg121986

    SOLD: Audio-GD NFB11.38

    I bought this new in June of 2018. I liked it more than my Audio-GD R-28 so I actually sold the R-28 shortly after receiving this NFB11.38. I've used all of its functions with excellent results and I am reluctant to sell it, but I think I'm due for an upgrade. It was a limited production run...
  13. Greg121986

    SOLD: Holo Cyan PCM

    Just picked this up used 2 weeks ago. The previous owner had it 1 year. It has reminded me that I really enjoyed the Spring in my stereo system, so I'm going to move onto a Spring 2 or maybe wait for May. $999 shipped.
  14. Greg121986

    SOLD: Schiit Magni 3

    SOLD Just got this a couple weeks ago and only used it for about 2 hours. I'm going to stick with the integrated amp in my DAC to avoid making my office system too complicated. Price is shipped and PayPaled.
  15. Greg121986

    SOLD---Audio-GD Precision 3 Stereo Amp

    I bought this from AGD in June along with an NFB11.38 for use in my bedroom. It's been very, very good. However, I'm bored so I want to try something new! I have not listed the NFB11.38 yet, but I will probably let that go as well. I have used this combo with ELAC Unifi UB5 with excellent...
  16. Greg121986

    FS: V-Moda Forza Metallo wireless IEMs

    I pre-ordered these and received them in June of 2017. I never actually used them at the gym. I've only traveled with them once, and all other use was to make phone calls for work. I'm doing some overseas traveling soon so I want to get an over the ear can with noise canceling tech, so these...
  17. Greg121986

    ****SOLD**** Schiit Jotunheim Black

    SOLD. Selling Schiit Jotunheim amp only in black color. $275 shipped and PayPal'd. Small scratch on the front of the volume knob.
  18. Greg121986

    SOLD: Holo Audio Spring KTE L3

    SOLD!! You guys know what this is! I'm selling my Kitsune Tuned Edition Level 3 Holo Audio Spring DAC. $2000 shipped and PayPal'd. No trades.
  19. Greg121986


    SOLD Just picked this up from a user here a few days ago. Its sound signature is not for me. It is super impressive for its tiny size, huge feature set, outstanding objective measurements, and really good headphone amp. It just doesn't match my desired tastes. The screen is an added bonus...
  20. Greg121986

    SOLD!! Denafrips Ares

    I got this last year after trading a Gen5 USB Multibit Bifrost and I felt the Ares was a big improvement. I also needed to have DSD so that helped. I now have upgradeitis, so I'm going to move up the Denafrips ladder. :beerchug: SOLD!!!!!!!! $530.
  21. Greg121986

    SOLD MrSpeakers AFC

    SOLD!! Price of $640 is shipped and PP'd.
  22. Greg121986

    SOLD DELETE --- Gaia II Isolators x8

    I've used these on my Focal Electra 1028Be II since the beginning of this year. I felt they made a really noticeable improvement to bass response and mid-range. I am only selling because I'm going to sell my Focals soon and upgrade to something in the next class. Whatever I get will be beyond...
  23. Greg121986

    **SOLD** FS Cayin iHA-6

    SOLD I am only selling this because I have an Auralic Taurus MKII arriving to me today. Based on fantastic reviews I bought the Cayin IHA-6 because I was unable to find a used Taurus. For the money, I do not think you could find a better solid state amp. I am not expecting the Taurus to be much...
  24. Greg121986

    SOLD: Gustard H10

    I used this in my office for the better part of this year, but I've recently upgraded to a Cayin iHA-6. I may use the H10 at home, but for now I am listing it here if someone may be interested. $300 shipped. SOLD!!!
  25. Greg121986

    Norne Audio 1/4" cable for Focal Elear 1M

    I had this made because I was using a Gustard H10 with 1/4" jack only, but I recently got a Cayin iHA-6 with balanced output, so now I want to used balanced instead of single ended. This cable is very well made and looks gorgeous. I've only used it for a few weeks. This length is perfect for the...