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  1. davehg

    New life for old Squeezebox and Tri Vista DAC thanks to Tidal

    In my hi-fi closet, I have a couple of Logitech Squeezeboxes, one of them a highly modified circa 2008 by BolderCable (since gone out of business). The modded one had a massive power supply built, with high end Jensen and Black Gate caps, which cost about $900 back in the day plus the $400 for...
  2. davehg

    Pro-Ject Carbon Debut with Speed Box and Acrylic Platter upgrade

    Selling my excellent Pro-Ject Carbon Debut turntable. It comes with an Ortofon 2m Red cartridge, cables, and two key upgrades: a Pro-Ject Speed Box that improves the sound, and a Pro-Ject acrylic platter upgrade that improves the bass performance. All original boxes, manuals, and packing are...
  3. davehg

    Woo Audio 6SE Silver FS - Mint

    Selling my mint Woo Audio 6 SE in silver, purchased from Audio Advisor and less than 2 years old. It sports the stock tubes (Raytheon driver tubes) and comes packed in its original box. The amp has seen light use, as I stored it for a year during a house move. It sounds great stock, but roll...
  4. davehg

    Poor Man's LCD3?

    I am thoroughly enjoying the LCD 3's on a nice Woo Audio home.   I want something for the office, and picked up a used SR71A amp for use with my Ipod. Now trying to locate a decent set of under $300 phones (used might be ok) that will give me some of the magic qualities of the Audeze...