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  1. pinoyman

    Aigo 105: budgetfi tank dap

    AIGO 105 Credit to: @jonjon manlapaz for lending me his unit for the purpose of this review Pros: Tank like build Hefty weight/size Body structure and design are well made Good battery performance Soft buttons Powerful amp section Internal memory of 8gig Aluminum body and buttons Great for...
  2. pinoyman

    PRIMACY from Oriveti. A hybrid

                                                                                                                                                                                                       People.   its been awhile since i made my last review.  Its very rare for me now to write...
  3. pinoyman

    Astell and Kern AKR02 help!!!

    hi guys. i needed some help with this iem. i was wondering if some owners could provide information about this iem on how it sounds...   i do have the final audio heaven 6. and was thinking and hoping the akr02 would be the step up for the heaven 6.   pls post you comments. i will be...
  4. pinoyman

    review: TRIDENT by DUNU: the bang for the buck iem

    Dunu: TRIDENT THE IEM: the trident is a beautiful little piece of gem looking, inexpensive, balanced and rich sounding iem made by another china brand, DUNU. things to like: -gold plated 3.5mm jack -fine metal housing with fabulous aesthetic -nice ear tips -soft...
  5. pinoyman

    JVC HA-FX700 review : WOODEN KING of Dynamic iems

    Masters of Enchantment!!! -james444 of headfi. the FX700.
  6. pinoyman

    Ortofon EQ7: BA driver at HEART, DYNAMIC driver in SPIRIT

    ORTOFON EQ7.       THE REVIEW:     Build Quality: (you be the judge) thick cloth covered cables. hard plastic for the jack and y-splitter. thin rubber cable from splitter to phone. machined aluminum housing. classy and expensive looking black box with very nice to touch...
  7. pinoyman


    IMPORTANT: this review must be read from the beginning till the end of this thread. the review is made with updates, certain changes due to mental and iem burn in. please bear some time to understand the feelings and the experience WE want to share. may we find happiness to this journey...
  8. pinoyman

    MX980 vs. PK2: the battle of the two earbuds

    the pics first:            
  9. pinoyman

    MX980 : the BMW of Earbuds

    this is the FIRST IMPRESSION ON THIS EARBUD, BELOW DOWN IS THE FINAL REVIEW...   enjoy reading! rock on!!! pics: the review: sennheiser mx980 is the top of the line in the mx series. all released this year including the mx880, a downgrade series for $79, an earbud...
  10. pinoyman

    help: monster miles davis tribute hunt

    please help me.   i want an iem upgrade for my klipsch s4.           here are my choices:    sm3, fx700, and  especially the monster miles davis. but i cant prove if this iems possess the one im looking for.           i am looking for this qualities/sound...