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    iPhone 6S 64GB unlocked space gray

    in excellent condition with little signs of wear. Will include charger but no EarPods. CONUS Add PayPal fee
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    Yamaha EPH-100 / Zero Audio Tenore

    EPH-100: 55$ Tenore: 25$   The EPH-100 is 100% genuine, it passes all tests from this evaluation. Does not include packaging but includes all stock tips and a Jaybird hardshell case. Shows signs of use, but overall in good condition.   Tenore is in excellent condition and includes packaging...
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    Ostry KC06 Gold / Dunu Titan 1 [sold]

    KC06: 45$ Titan 1: sold   Both have all included packaging and accessories. KC06 shows some use but overall in great condition. Titan 1 has little use.    pictures coming soon   CONUS only!   add paypal fee or pay via gift
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    Vsonic GR07 Classic [Silver]

    These are in mint condition and include all the accessories pictured. No packaging. Highly recommended IEMs in the 100$ price range. No trades, only looking to sell. Invoice will be included for warranty support.    tips include: MH1 tips in medium, small and large Meelec short biflanges...
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    JVC FX650/Tenore/EX10S

    FX650:SOLD / Zero Audio Tenore:SOLD / NVX EX10S:SOLD   Hate to let these go, but currently in need of money. Please PM if you have any interest and we can work something out   Descriptions:   FX650 is SOLD in excellent condition, well taken care of. Will include all stock accessories...
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    LG Quadbeat 2 Impressions Thread

          These have fallen under the radar, while so called "discoveries" [which in my experience have been nothing but hype]been getting all the craze. While the Quadbeat 1 was a fairly decent IEM, it still needed some refinement and fell in the shadow of the MH1. These, IMO, even surpass the...
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    Hifiman RE600 vs RE400 Tour Thread

     While many were anticipating the new Hifiman flagship (including myself), many had it's doubts it will be that much better than the previously released RE400 or even the older RE272, but I will admit I was still optimistic. Then upon release of the InnerFidelity graphs and    , it simply...
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    Apple ME186LL/A Dual Driver Improved Revision?

    First off, a MUST read.   While the ADDIEM fell under the radar for a while [being vastly underrated?], Apple discretely revised the build of the ADDIEMs , but may have also tuned the sound a bit differently. The ADDIEMs labeled MA850G/A are now ME186LL/A. Certainly the performance of the...
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    Rockit R50

    In excellent condition, very little use, comes with everything   This pair was the test unit for these measurements. As shown, results are outstanding, highly recommended.    International interest, PM me.    Add PayPal fee for pay as a gift. 
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    Phonak Audéo 022 (Calibrated)

    *final drop, didn't think I was going to drop them this low*    Phonak Perfect Bass 022 IEM with a mic/remote for smartphones.  This set has been measured by my friend Rin. Results (with grey filters) are shown below which are outstanding, note the perfect left and right driver matching.   ...
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    Yamaha EPH-100

    *limited price drop*    Open to international buyers at a 10-15$ additional shipping cost.   Attained second hand, but still in very good condition. Comes with all the accessories, but no packaging.    Note:They are currently with the author of this blog. All he is going to do is...
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    Yamaha EPH-100

    Looking for a quick sale, otherwise will withdraw them if not sold by 7/7/12.   Open to international buyers at a 10-15$ additional shipping cost.   Attained second hand, but still in very good condition. Comes with all the accessories, but no packaging. 
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    Panasonic HJE900

    Discontinued and now hard to find. Good condition with packaging included. Will include the stock tips in small, but plan on adding more as I sort through my unused tips. Pay via gift or add paypal fees. International buyers PM me for additional shipping costs.
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    Meelec A161P Thread: *Review* Part 1: General Ergonomics & Sound Summary 7/28/12 [Review list by others on Page 1]

    Meelectronics ordering link / Google Shopping My Review Post#1: Intro // Post#2: Packaging & Accessories Post#3: Build Quality & Cable Ergonomics // Post#4: Fit & Isolation Post #5: Sound Evaluation [Temporary Summary Provided - Complete Evaluation Coming soon]   User Info Post #6: User...
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    Want To Trade: My grey or green Phonak Audeo filters for black filters

    In need of these filters, open to buying them as well. 
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    Brookstone Clear Dual Drive

    Condition is mint, packaging included in addition to extra tips. International buyers add 15$ or add 3$ if payment is done via gift.    Hate to let these go as they pretty much are on par or surpass the DDM2 imo, but I'm in debt, so will only use loaned IEMs.    Cover Paypal fees or pay via...
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    Fiio E6 Amp with Fiio L9 LOD Cable

    Both like new with very little use, packaging is included. Highly recommended for Ipod Touch users or those with older Ipod models.     
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    Shure Black Foam Tips aka Olives (Small or Medium) & Sony Hybrids (Medium & Small Medium)

    Will offer 2$ for a used pair, 3$ for a new pair for the Shure tips.   2$ for each Sony pair    
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    Triplefi 10 with ES Cable

    Limited time sale. If it doesnt sell by Wednesday, I'm withdrawing them.   Includes the Black Westone ES cable, standard silicone tips, UE hard case and medium UE tips. I may also be able to include sanitized TS400 tips. Nothing else (no original cable) and will not part the ES cable.  ...
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    Hifiman RE-Zero

    Condition: Used, like new.     They have less than 10 hours time on them. All is included except the spare filters. Will provide pictures soon but rest assured, condition is mint. 
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    V-Sonic GR07

    About 3 months old. Condition is shown in the pics, all tips, ear guides and packaging are included
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    Hifiman RE-Zero/RE0 filters [RE262 Filters FOUND]

    Looking for replacement filters that come with any of these EMs. If you have a spare pair, I'll be interested. May also trade for tips.
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    JVC HA-FXT90 Thread

                    Post#1: Background & Practical user information // Post#2: Buying Guide // Post#3: Impressions & Reviews                                                   Background                                                                                                     click on...
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    Ibasso T3D

    I am very interested in attaining this amp, PM me if you are interested in selling. I will look at any price if it's reasonable.