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  1. fe2cruz

    Orthodynamic Roundup

    Maybe keep scrapping the sticky adhesive to see if there are screws hidden in that frame around the driver. Thats the where the screws are hidden on all the ATH electrets. With a popsicle stick or some other soft wood poker you could push all that black tar like adhesive without scratching the...
  2. fe2cruz

    Audio Technica Electret Stereophones ATH-7 Options?

    Just entered the club of electret ownership with an ATH-7 headphone and exciter set for $43US. I replaced the pads with cushy pleather ones from an XB300 clone. The bass quality did improve, but the headphones still struggle with any post 1990s synthetic sub-bass. I have them running through a...
  3. fe2cruz

    Orthodynamic Roundup

    This is some great advice thanks everyone. I will ditch the aluminum and try some listening sessions with silica packets. I need to get more for my camera lenses anyway. Its been a humid summer. I tried other fabrics but the bass just always sounded best with the leather/pleather materials...
  4. fe2cruz

    Orthodynamic Roundup

    Heat control/dissipation in closed t40v2 project.  I was wondering how much heat energy most orthodynamic drivers create. It seems like most of the heat would radiate from my ears and body getting trapped in the headphone pads. Tight sealed deep pleather pads are great for isolation bass...
  5. fe2cruz

    The Beyerdynamic DT250 Thread

    Quote:   I forgot about this thread. It seems to only come up if you google search rather than internal search headfi. I posted in the main full size headphone forum but I should have went here instead.  I could't delete the old post so here are my mods:   I have beyerdynamic...
  6. fe2cruz

    18db maximum DIY Passive Noise Cancelling for Fostex T20v2 Can/Cup?

    Looking for more tips/techniques to increase the passive noise reduction without changing the Fostex cups or sound signature of the drivers. I've already found all the mods I need for the sound I like. Now I just want to get them as close to noise isolating as my Pioneer Monitor 10.  ...
  7. fe2cruz

    how do you open Kenwood HS-5?

    I've been interested in using my unique looking Kenwood HS-5 housing for a project.   However, I can't figure out how to get to the drivers. Is anyone familiar with these? There aren't any screws anywhere and none of the brackets or cups screw or snap off. The pads have a twist off...
  8. fe2cruz

    What is the lifespan of different types of drivers. Any active sources/sellers of ribbon tweeters?

    I'm enjoying building hybrid headphones, combining the best aspects from each. I also get to see what angling the drivers dampening and all the other design techniques do without hunting for a showroom, event or spending too much. I was wondering though when it would be best to give up on...
  9. Audio Technica AT-703

    Audio Technica AT-703

    Dynamic open back 20 Ohm headphones
  10. fe2cruz

    Pioneer Monitor 10, does it need an amp? What to buy next?

    Just got my first real headphones: Pioneer Monitor10. Real stereo separation. Bass doesn't linger; its just sharp and present. Strings, vocals and Rhodes pianos sound great. Has good pleather with no scuffs and plenty of life. The foam shows wear; requires a sweet spot when placed on...
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