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    SOLD: Gamma2

    Sold, thanks for your consideration.   I bought this a few weeks ago from ********** and later found a laptop dock that provides spdif output and don't need it anymore.  Tested out everything, usb, toslink, coax works perfectly as well as analog out.  The condition is excellent and it comes...
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    Sold: iBasso D1 (not D10)

    SOLD   Original owner on this iBasso D1 portable DAC.   It accepts USB, TOSLINK, or Coax digital inputs and can also take an analog signal and be a 'normal' headamp.   It does a pretty nice job and has the AD8066 as the hp amp, LM4562 as buffers and the AD8656 driving the DAC.  You can roll...
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    For Sale: iMod Sonicap dock

    This iMod dock is based on Sonicap Gen1 4.7uF bypassed with a small GenII valued capacitor.  It is housed in a black Hammond case 2.123" x0 .903" x3.15" no scratchs but a slight scuff on the top.  Comes with a velvet bag to protect it.   Let start at $110  $100 shipped Priority Mail CONUS.  
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    SOLD: iRiver H140 Rockboxed

    Sold:  one very good condition and lightly used rockboxed iRiver H140 (40GB) DAP.  This model supports optical input/output so it makes a great DAP for the balanced portable DAC/Amps that are coming out.  Rockbox version is 3.4and it holds a good battery charge.   It has spent it's time in the...
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    SOLD: Mini3 portable amp

    This mini3 was built by me with clear body and amb's black metal endplates. Sounds great, the performance model, and the condition is good; there's two small nicks that show up from the flash that are not really noticeable.  Comes with recharger and rubber feet on the bottom.   I have way too...
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    SOLD: Sennheiser HD650 w/Moon Silver Dragon v2 balanced

    SOLD, thanks for looking. For sale, pristine Sennheiser HD650 with stock cable, mini adapter and original box. Original owner, purchased from Headroom a few years ago. No chips/dings and the drivers probably have ~750 hours on them over the years. The outer box wrapper was damaged/tossed when...
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    SOLD: ipod 5.5 80GB black near mint

    SOLD payment received, both ipod and yotank are sold. Thanks for looking. I picked this up for spare parts for an imod just in case. I now spend more time with a HP-140 than the imod so I might as well sell the spare. Comes with original packaging, unopened buds and the rest of the stuff...
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    SOLD AKG 701 stock

    SOLD Thanks for your interest. Low hours, very good condition. 2nd owner,sn 14158. Purchased as a backup pair but not being used. Good opportunity to own a pair. HP, stand, adapter, instructions & Box. Paypal non-cc fees, CONUS shipped via USPS and insurance is on me. $old. FS AKG 701 stock
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    y1 gamma-1 DAC

    Anybody notice that MisterX and AMB are working on a portable DAC with USB, optical and coax support over on Headwize? The portable optical DAC is something a lot of people have been asking for, especially in a form factor equal to a mini3. y1: Full-featured modular miniature DAC
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    SOLD: Corda Opera w/DAC

    SOLD: Corda Opera w/DAC Original owner, purchased direct from Dr. Meier in June 2007. Probably has 1500 hours on it by now. No scratches, Audiogon 9/10. Original box, manual, power cord, usb and coax cords. The Opera is a stock configuration with it's high/low Z HP jacks, crossfeed and...
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    SOLD: RSA Hornet M (black)

    SOLD For sale one black HornetM, second owner. Bought it to hear the RSA sound but it's not for me. Amp works fine and is burned in; all lettering front and back is intact and it sounds and looks pretty good to me. Comes with amp, charger, one almost new Accupower (3 charge cycles) and a...
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    SOLD Corda Move

    SOLD One Corda Move for sale, obtained late May/early Jun 2007 direct from Dr. Meier. Audiogon 7/10 for a scratch on the bottom of the case. The black front/back panels are perfect. The volume knob has developed the static when turning while listening but that is pretty normal with less...
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    Not much else to say; I'm looking for a new PINT pcb or two that I can experiment with. If you have them collecting dust this it the chance to recoup your expense and make someone happy too. Please PM if you are interested and thanks in advance.
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    Sold: iPod Nano Black 8GB never used

    SOLD: Brand new iPod Nano Black 8GB in box. I won this, have a iMod anyway and don't need it. I carefully opened the box to make sure it wasn't engraved (it isn't, stock iPod), then closed it back up. Looking for $OLD shipped CONUS for paypal non-cc accounts sound? That's a $xx savings off...
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    SOLD: Denon AH-D2000-K

    SOLD: Denon AH-D2000-K (meaning black cups). Purchased from Thread 6/15/07 and completed the burn in with pink noise. These headphones have approximately 300 hours on them and sound great. Good bass presentation, extraordinary comfort. They have a slight nick on the left/right cup that do...
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    Dave purchased a Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod Send Dock from me. His communications and payment were prompt and I appreciate his business. Thank Dave!
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    Contest Over: Stereo-Link Model 1200 USB DAC

    Contest Over: The random number was: Winning Number 34 And the winner is: Speedball Thanks for playing! I have a Stereo-Link Model 1200 USB DAC collecting dust sitting in a box for over a year. I want to give it to somebody that wants it and do some good for Head-Fi at the...
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    Sold: Porta Corda MkIII USB

    Both Sold I've decided to sell my Porta Corda MkIII USB as I haven't touched it since the Move bug bit. This MkIII was purchased early May 2007 from Dr Meier for $225, has approx 250 hours on it, and is 9/10 Audiogon. It is a great sounding detailed amp that brings out the best of whatever...
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    Allan Holdsworth Live

    Has anyone seen Allan Holdsworth perform at a club? He's coming to town next week and while I have a few albums of his or ones he's collaborated on, I've never seen him perform. Recommendations?
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    A portable for the Linux Community "Its software can play Ogg, MP3 and Windows Media Audio formats, and to show XviD and MPEG4 video files and JPEG images. It can also record sound to MP3 files and display text files, and has an...