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  1. tas236

    SOLD CEntrance HiFi-M8 XL4

    [SOLD] Selling my venerable CEntrance HiFi-M8 XL4 with USB and iOS/OTG input, and 1/4, 1/8 optical combo, and 4pin XLR outputs. I've kept this device for so long because I find the sound signature to be quite addictive. It is really just perfectly balanced to my ears and the tone, impedance...
  2. tas236

    [SOLD] FiiO M6

    SOLD Figured I'd post here before I took it to eBay. Great condition and functionality, just wasn't using it and need the cash. Original box and poly case included but no cables or SD cards.
  3. tas236

    SOLD Audio-gd NFB 28.38

    [SOLD] I am selling the venerable Audio-gd NFB 28.38 (2017 model) with two standard (not metal) remotes. In addition, since I bought this unit from a European seller, I will also include the voltage transformer I bought to use with this unit. Works like a dream with no issues--works as...
  4. tas236

    WTB - 4pin XLR Male to 2.5mm Female Adapter

    FOUND Looking for an adapter to plug in my balanced IEMs with a 2.5mm plug into my HiFi-M8 with a 4pin xlr jack. Let me know if you have one lying around or if you can make one!
  5. tas236

    CEntrance HiFi-M8 (4-pin XLR, iPhone)

    Selling my HiFi-M8. This is an amazing DAC/amp, I really love it a lot. However I need to save up for a new computer build so it must go. Everything works well after a tune-up from CEntrance recently. I can pull out my HiFi-M8 tee shirt if you want that as well. Comes with power supply, 30-pin...
  6. tas236

    WTB: CEntrance DACport

    Looking for a CEntrance DACport with all included me!
  7. tas236

    WTB: Audioengine P4

    I'm looking to buy the Audioengine P4. Anyone got a pair, willing to sell? Not firm on the price.
  8. tas236

    Fiio E1 SOLD

    For sale is the Fiio E1 portable headphone amplifier, made for use with iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Very recently purchased, in original packaging. Price does not include shipping.
  9. tas236

    Nuforce µDAC-2 SOLD

    For sale is my very recent Nuforce µDAC-2. Purchased only a couple of months ago. Original packaging included. Runs just like it did on the first day (that is, unless you believe in burn-in for solid-state DACs and amps). Original coiled USB cable also included. Price does not include shipping.
  10. tas236

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper Earphones

      For sale are my Monster Turbine Pro Copper earphones in like new condition with no cosmetic blemishes and no functional problems. A Monster Turbine Pro case and a complete set of SuperTips will be included as well as the original receipt. Please note that the listing price...
  11. tas236

    Audio-Technica ATH-CK10 Earphones

      For sale are my Audio-Technica ATH-CK10 earphones in perfect condition with absolutely no cosmetic blemishes and no functional problems. A hard shell case and several pairs of tips will be included as well as the original receipt. Please note that the listing price does...
  12. tas236

    Best SS Headphone/Speaker amp?

    I'm looking for a solid-state combo speaker and full-size headphone amplifier. It needs to be solid state since I'll be in college soon and I don't want to worry about tubes, etc. getting messed up. Price max is $400. Source will be Nuforce uDAC-2 but if the amp as a better integrated DAC then I...
  13. tas236

    Vintage K141 Recable?

    Is it possible/feasible to recable the vintage AKG K141? The cord is really crappy, and I was also looking to upgrade the connector to a 1/8" with a screw-on 1/4" adapter. Thoughts? Anyone who can actually do this? I was thinking of Canare Star Quad. Bad choice?