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  1. pietenkees

    FS: DR-7 & R50

    Ive got a Sharp Md-dr7 and a sony md-r50 for sale. The units come with their corresponding remotes. The units are fully functional, except that the R50 doesnt record anymore. They are sold seperatly, unless you want both ofcourse The reason for selling is the purchase of a HD5 I havent...
  2. pietenkees

    IC/FS Sharp DR-7/Dr-480 Md-recorder

    Looking to sell this recorder. Its in 8.5-9/10 condition, no dents just wearing on the battery door of the unit (not mechanically just aesthetically) and minor scuffs on the back. Unit is fully functional. Sale includes the velvet pouche, battery case, the charger (220V) the silver dr-7 and 2...