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  2. arnesto

    Pictures of your speaker setup!

    A couple of pictures I wanted to share.   I just got these today and so far I am really happy with the purchase.   Considering I only listened to them for about 10 minutes before I decided to buy them.   After unboxing and using them for a few hours. I have no regrets and it's like feeding...
  3. arnesto

    My friend's wife yelled at me.

    That could be good depending on who it is.
  4. arnesto

    My friend's wife yelled at me.

    I think because she told me she had a headache, I should have been more careful what I say to her.   But even if I had a headache, it's really overboard to call someone the "f" word.
  5. arnesto

    Describe Your Last Fine Dining Experience

        Last year I was in Paris and I wanted to try eating some Foie Gra.   There are a lot of different varieties of it, and most of the Foie Gra that I tried, I didn't like it.   Most people eat Foie Gra cold with toast. This type is also usually mixed with other ingredients similar...
  6. arnesto

    Wyred4Sound DAC 2

    I also wanted to mention that it is still under the original 5 year warranty.
  7. arnesto

    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition Impressions

    I got mine yesterday.          
  8. arnesto

    Which IEM should I get?

    I don't have any high end IEMs, but aren't the EX1000, IE80, and UE900 the main contenders for that price range.
  9. arnesto

    Sennheiser IE80's Impressions Thread

    What's a good price for the IE80s?   Amazon has them for 390. Should I wait around for a better deal or is that pretty much what they are going for?
  10. arnesto

    Can anyone identify this bug?

    I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to lay 1000 eggs and be dangerous to me. Once I was able to find out it was harmless.   The decision was easy
  11. arnesto

    Can anyone identify this bug?

    Cool, you guys know bugs.   I decided to show mercy and let it go outside.
  12. arnesto

    Can anyone identify this bug?

      This bug was in my bedroom and when I turned on the lights, it moved really fast.   I was able to put it in a jar and I am wondering if I should let it go or flush it down the toilet.
  13. arnesto

    Mayan Calendar and Dec. 21, 2012

    Happy Mayan New Year!!!
  14. arnesto

    Mayan Calendar and Dec. 21, 2012

    When the new period starts, I hope I get some.   Because the last period has not been going very well for me.   In case you are wondering what "some" is, you don't need to know.
  15. arnesto


    I'm planning on buying a new car and I ended up with a short list of 4 cars. I wanted to get something in the sub 40k range.   These are the cars on my list: Subaru STI - 35k BMW 328 -38k Lexus IS250 -38k 2012 Corvette - 42k   I test drove the Subaru and I really liked it, the...
  16. arnesto

    Am I getting ripped off?

    They have companies that come and take all your stuff and put it in a dumpster for you.   I think it is relatively cheap if you go for the nuclear option.   I would try to pack and ship some of your most valuable items and dump your furniture, bed, couch, and all the big stuff.  ...
  17. arnesto

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    Just wanted to give a short review of Black Ops 2.   I was surprised that they didn't improve the graphics and the detail of the images on this new version. It looks very similar in detail and kind of cartoonish as the original Black Ops and MW3.   Also, the graphics on the single...
  18. arnesto

    Car questions(ask me)

    I was thinking about getting the new Corvette C7 model when it comes out next year.   Do you think I should get it with manual or automatic?   I used to drive manual on an old truck and didn't like it that much, but this is a sports car and I think it will be much better experience.  ...
  19. arnesto

    god i hate battlefield 3

    I got the Aug yesterday and I am trying it out, but I don't know if it's any better than the M4A3.   The best part of the M4A3 is the fast reload, the Aug seems kind of slow in comparison.   The Saiga is the king of shot guns, it has the fastest reload on a clip. The USA 12 has too much...
  20. arnesto

    May have to purchase car soon, worth splurging?

    Kirosia, go for the TSX because you are a young dude and I think the TL is more of an old man's car.   You have to pick the car that matches you best.
  21. arnesto

    Who would win in a fight between Hulk and Superman?

    I just watched a movie called "Hulk vs."   In the movie Hulk fights Thor.   I would say that Thor is as powerful as Superman. Plus Thor can travel between dimensions.   Anyhow, in the movie when the Hulk fought Thor, it was no contest, Hulk just punched Thor about 5 times and then...
  22. arnesto

    Ever got scam/fraud calls?

    Sounds to me like it could have been anyone, because it is easy to get a name and a phone number.   The fact that the person contacted your mother and knew your name, makes me think it is someone that may know your family and thinks they your mother might be an easier target than contacting...