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  1. faichiu

    WTB HM-801 battery

    I want to buy HM-801 battery.
  2. faichiu

    Want to buy HM801's Old original Amp card

    Want to buy HM801's Oldest original Amp card   The card should look like this attached 1)With 220uf, 10V capacitors 2)With two golden holes (see attached pic)   Probably around $70.  PM me if you have one for sale.
  3. faichiu

    FS: QLS QA350 WAV Player

    Up for Sale is a QA350 WAV Player.  $130 Shipped to CON. USA.   Including original box and all the accessories.  SD card not included.   PM me if anyone interested.
  4. faichiu

    damn! $999 for h120?

    iRiver iHP-120 h120 (20 GB), used, good condition!! - eBay (item 270405562797 end time Jun-16-09 02:21:48 PDT)
  5. faichiu

    Rockbox Question

    I just got myself a Toshiba F40 and installed rockbox in it. During music playing screen, the up and down button is used to control the sound volume. Is there anyway to remapping the up and down button? I would to to use up and down button to skip previous folder and...
  6. faichiu

    Yuin G1????

    New Product from Yuin?
  7. faichiu

    My 32GB Flash Rio Karma

    I am not sure if you guys like this player. I found it is pretty good on sound. Very smooth sound I would say. I bought one from ebay and the battery is degraded. Since I need to open it up to change the battery, I deceide to change it to compact flash also. Parts you need: 1) screw...
  8. faichiu


    FS: MEIZU M6SL 8GB Mint conidition! Including original box. $old Shipped CONUS. Prefer Paypal non-cc. PM me if interested.
  9. faichiu

    PK1 without amp

    I just bought this MP3 player from ebay: t39 mp3 items on T39 + PK1 + Flac = Amazing!!!
  10. faichiu

    Inside Iaudio 7
  11. faichiu

    FS: Shure e4c

    I have a Shure e4c for sale. I lost all the accessories exept the Sleeve on the picture. Looking for $sold shipped CONUS. Paypal prefered! Ship to confirm address only. Thanks for looking!