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  1. Solid Snake

    HD-25-1 II

    I hate having to sell these as these are my favorite portable cans. And they are built like a tank! They are great for gaming, DJ, and are great for many genres of music.   - Comes with original box, and packaging (except extension cord) - Brand New NOT USED pleather ear pads - PRICE: $140...
  2. Solid Snake

    Wooaudio Stand (Black)

    I have a Wooaudio stand that is in immaculate condition.   Features: Full aluminum ¾" thick stand 5/16" thick pillar ½" thick beam External dimension: 10½"(H), 3½"(W), 3½"(D) Weight: approximately 1 pound Silicon feet on each corner (added myself)   I am selling because I...
  3. Solid Snake

    Beyerdynamic DT880 (2005/250 Ohm model)

    I am looking for a new home for my DT880s which are in excellent condition. They have probably been used 10 times the most since reaching my doorstep. I am the first and only owner of these headphones.   I've tried a vast number of headphones and these are by far my most favorite cans to...
  4. Solid Snake

    IC: Audio GD Compass + Moon + Earth OPAMP

    For sale is the AMP/DAC Combo, Audio GD Compass. I am mainly using my speaker setup so my headphone rig are not being put to use at all. (just sitting on the shelf, collecting dust.) The Compass is in perfect condition. I am first owner btw.   I would like to keep this deal ConUS or...
  5. Solid Snake

    SOLD: Westone 3 (Pictures Inside)

    Have here a brand new, factory sealed/wrapped Westone 3 IEMs. Will come with original invoice purchased from an "authorized dealer" ( Purchase date: November 24th, 2008 + 1 extra year for registering card (which has been registered myself). Price: $SOLD UPS or...
  6. Solid Snake

    delete please

    delete please
  7. Solid Snake


    It's a pleasure for me to start a new feedback thread for Brian. He purchased my HD650. The transaction was excellent. He answered all of my questions swiftly and he paid instantly. He was also very communicative which I appreciate very much. I hope he continues his voyage in Head-Fi. He...
  8. Solid Snake

    SOLD: Audio Technica AD700 *Mint* (Used for about 20 minutes)

    I am doing a comparison of three well known "gaming" cans which are the DT880/AD700/MDR-F1. As with any headphones I audition, I place comfort as #1 priority and the AD700 are the first to go. I have some minor comfort issues with these because of my big ears. The pad touches the tips of my...
  9. Solid Snake

    WTB: ATH-AD900

    Want to buy a mint condition pair of ATH-AD900 headphones. I would like them to come from a non-smoking/pet free environment. Pics would be nice as well. Send me your offers. I pay through paypal non-credit card. Thanks
  10. Solid Snake

    FOUND: SA5000 (recabled only)

    No longer looking
  11. Solid Snake


    Colin purchased my AKG K601 headphones. He was straight to the point and paid instantly. He had great communication as well. I would recommend anyone to do business with him. Thanks Colin!
  12. Solid Snake

    WTB: Dacmagic

    Title says it all, want to buy mint condition Dacmagic... Send me your offers and a picture to see would be nice. I pay through non-credit card paypal Thanks
  13. Solid Snake

    Need a recommendation for my dad on an earbud (For talk radio listening)

    Hey guys, My dad has been using the iBud that came with my Nano since I myself have been using the Westone 3. He has been extremely happy with them but they break every so often so he is forced to spend on a new pair. He does not like IEMs since he is not comfortable with isolation and...
  14. Solid Snake


    A pleasure for me to start a new feedback thread for Chris. He purchased my RSA Predator amp and everything went very smoothly. He was very communicative and honest throughout the whole process. I highly recommend anyone to do business with him! Thanks Chris!
  15. Solid Snake

    Budget Balanced Amps? (Do they exist?)

    Hey guys, I have been searching around a little bit for a balanced amp for my HD650... And yes, I know about buying a balanced source also which would either be this: UPCOMING Little Dot DAC (too bad it isnt out yet...) or the dacmagic...And the interconnects and the HD650 XLR cable...
  16. Solid Snake

    SOLD: DT880 Professional (250ohm) *Pics inside* (9.999/10 condition)

    I just love my HD650 too much for its comfort...So these will need a new home. They have been used for about 5-10 minutes. United States - $230 shipped (insurance and tracking already included) Canada - $240 shipped (insurance already included but no tracking)
  17. Solid Snake

    SOLD: Denon D2000

    I have a pair of Denon D2000 for sale. They are in excellent condition. And they are 100% stock version, no Markl mod done with them at all. Comes with original packaging. Price: $220 SHIPPED (add 3% for paypal) I will put pics up later tonight.
  18. Solid Snake

    WTB: RSA Predator

    Title says it all, I want to buy your Predator in mint condition. Send me offers, I will pay through non-credit card paypal. One pic would be nice... Thanks
  19. Solid Snake

    WTB/WTT: My Denon D2000 for your Sennheiser HD650

    Title says it all, I would like to buy your HD650 in excellent condition! (From a non smoking environment please!) I am also willing to trade in my Denon D2000. They are in excellent condition, no scratches, bumps, dents, etc. 10/10 (Please do not PM me about selling them, sorry) I pay...
  20. Solid Snake

    Are the RSA amps too much for what I need? (Are there better options for me?)

    Hey guys, I am on the hunt for a portable amp to go along with my Westone 3. I will also get some headphones like the Ultrasone 750 or the DT 770/80 version so versatility is really important. I keep hearing that the new RSA SR-71A can drive not only drive demanding headphone like the HD...
  21. Solid Snake

    SOLD: Klipsch Image X10 *Factory Sealed*

    I just received my brand new Image X10 back from Klipsch after my old pair were breaking on me. More details here: So, instead of keeping these puppies, I am going to sell them. They are factory sealed, brand new! Price: $190...
  22. Solid Snake

    SOLD: Audio Technica ATH-AD700

    I have for sale a "mint" condition AD700 headphone. I have probably used these for about 20 minutes the most. Highly recommend these for competitive gaming or movies. It is a very versatile headphone meaning it will sound great from many types of music. Condition is 10/10 easily. No...
  23. Solid Snake

    Case or Bag for my headphone/portable amp/iPod? (Portable Setup)

    I have been searching around for a nice protective case. I plan on getting a portable headphone and the iBasso D3 to go along with my iPod Classic. I was looking at this one: HeadRoom Complete HeadCase - Black @ HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears Mighty that is expensive! ^^^ Is this...