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  1. PoSR77

    Best IEM for me in the $700 to $1400 range?

    EDIT: I normally take a long time (weeks to months) to weigh my options with an audio purchase. In this case, I went ahead and ordered the UM MEST due to the recent sale. I have, however, looked hard at that IEM ever since it came out and almost ordered it over the CFA Solaris 2020 back in...
  2. PoSR77

    Best DAP for my purposes under $500

    I've already researched this and am leaning heavily towards the iBasso DX160. But I'm wondering if I'm missing another good option. I want an Android based DAP with a slightly warm sound (which would meld well with most of the content/mood I will use this for: classical, jazz, acoustic, and...