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    Zorloo ZuperDAC Review by mark2410

    Zorloo support was helpful by providing the following screenshot to confirm that it does asynchronous transfer.
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    Zorloo ZuperDAC Review by mark2410

    Is the ZuperDAC's USB input asynchronous?
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    Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone Impressions Thread

    After reading all this, I'm going to the local store to listen to the PM-1. Also it's EISA headphone of the year.
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    Review: Anedio D1 DAC - my new reference DAC

    Quite a hefty price-tag; thanks for the review. There was no mention of bass in the review (?).   Quote:
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    Android phones and USB DACs

    Awesome. The Galaxy SIII has a nice "Music Square" in which you can select the mood and tempo and the payer auto-magically selects your songs. : ) I've loaded all my music on a 32gb microsd. Hope to get a dac with usb and it's good to know I can use the phone to play/stream via usb. I'll post...
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    Comparison: M-DAC vs ZODIAC GOLD w/VOLTIKUS vs HEGEL HD20

    Hi thenorwegian, appreciate you sharing your impressions on these dacs. I am curious to know what is the cable being used between the DAC and the m1 hpa?
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    Review by 'moj0' on item 'Lehmann Black Cube Linear '

    First of all, my Sennheiser HD 650 never sounded so good and I never thought it could deliver this much bass. What can I say about the sound of something that's made to be as transparent as possible? With this amp, the sound is most definitely characterized by your source and headphones at...
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    Other than the fact that cronus0326 aka Zack is a genuine trader at head-fi forum, the item he sold me was taken care of in the best possible manner. I received everything but the original box and was even thrown in an extra mini-mini plug! I cannot be more pleased.
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    How did ppl buy Hi end headphones before the net?

    Quote: Originally Posted by carlosgp They did not. This thing really exploded with internet. Interesting thought. Headphones.. yeees, I like, I like! : )
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    Recommendations: Want to Upgrade from Sennheiser HD497

    Quote: Originally Posted by OHPC My personal opinion: if you like Sennheiser, you will love the HD595. Good luck! I switched from the HD-497(first headphones) two years ago. I got a Beyerdynamic DT-880 then. From the above suggestions, I'd pick the HD-595 (although I...
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    Burn in time for beyerdynamic DT880?

    mm is that true about mastering with bright headphones (and vice-versa)?
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    Pink Balls Lottery 2006-CANCELLED.

    21 17 02 07 04 ! : )
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    This was my first meet ever. Although i made for the last couple of hours on Sunday, time flew by. Next time im bringing more cds..earlier : ))
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    my camera: the anti-HD650

    phew, im glad im not into lens-fi my top point-n-shoot camera-to-buy-now would be the upcoming sony DSC-H2 or H5 - 2xAA batteries plus image stabilization - not a dSLR though. i sold the DSC-W1 last year.
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    Best way to clean your ears?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kin0kin i use bobby pins to dig em out...then just wipe it with some wet q-tips. *do it at your own risk.* yes i use bobby pins too; i thought i was the only one. similar discussion here:
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    New Jersey Meet Sunday February 26th

    Quote: Originally Posted by Trogdor Wow, thanks Canman. This is a whopping 5 minutes from my apartment (though for some reason I didn't think of the Hilton as a place that holds meets). Okay, we are all set....see you there... great, 7 minutes from my place too. i thought...
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    Anyone else here phobic ?

    i feel creepy when i learn that the person im talking to: 1> has/had a mental problem/disorder 2> is a homosexual however those feelings don't apply to lesbians : P
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    Looking to purchase a flashlight? Here's an awesome resource!

    Quote: Originally Posted by XxATOLxX I wonder what they do at their meets. Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood Flash each other? -Ed lollllllllllllll
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    Looking to purchase a flashlight? Here's an awesome resource!

    CandlePowerForums > General Flashlight > Flashlight collecting > Reload this Page Post your 2005's Flashlights pictures oh my gosh! edit: Mmmmmm flashlaiyte...
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    Sennheiser HD650 Cable Shootout: Stock, Zu, Equinox and Grace Five Two

    in order to get maximum benefit of $$$, i read the review. i've decided to defoam the headphones : )
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    Comfy chair recommendation

    the ikea chair above^ looks clumsy because there's no a55 support. i've seen metal chairs like that, but knowing ikeas way of 'simple' joints and stuff plus no a55 support...
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    Just got my Beyer DT880s today from Meier Audio!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mercuttio Yeah, there's just no way I'd agree with identifying Beyerdynamic as being upfront. I don't have too much experience with higher end Sennheisers, but the DT 880 simply lacks the impact that you'd feel being that close to the stage. If you think the...