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  1. qusp

    real link to edition 8 service manual, or 'is removing these glued on on pads the only way in to recable'?

    Hi guys, wow very difficult to find information online about recabling these headphones, or confirmation of proper disassembly. cannot find a real link to the service manual anywhere, if indeed one exists. i have a set of these here for a balanced recable and before i go peeling off what appears...
  2. qusp

    no more NDA for ES901X series dac chips

    Hi there Fellow crazy people, I just thought I would take the time to let those who dont know... know..that as has been murmured for some time, there is officially nolonger an NDA needed for working with the ESS sabre 9018/12 series dac chips. you can simply politely ask for the datasheet from...
  3. qusp

    SOLD Perfect Condition Silver Pico Slim serial 0044 lifetime warranty and battery

    Hi Guys, thinking of selling this amp, As much as I like it and find it sexy as hell to look at, I havent found I use it really at all, as I have others in my stable I prefer and ultra-portability isnt really so much of a concern for me. great little amp, just not really for me.   PM me with...
  4. qusp


    see subject, would like to buy at least one of these, maybe even a second one. exterior cosmetic condition is not that important as I plan to instal it permanently in my sabre dac with i2s output. thanks for reading Jeremy
  5. qusp

    the answer to our prayers?? USB audio the holy grail??

    Hey Guys, dont know how many of you have already seen this info. but recently Via has announced the Envy USB 2.0 receiver/controller. this device allows 8 x 24bit/192khz streams, with i2c, i2s, spdif etc etc. its not a USB receiver that can be harnessed for audio as a result of doing data, its...
  6. qusp

    custom IEMs as reference headphones; who's doing it??

    Ok well I had this idea of starting this thread a little while ago, but never quite got around to it. Lately with the quality of sound coming out of customs on the improve, there are stirrings happening. In both the JH|13 and ES3X threads I have noticed a trend starting, where people are...
  7. qusp

    WTB Sennheiser HD600

    see title, I really need a set of these for rounding out the collection and testing cables. make me an offer. cable does not matter since I will be getting rid of that as the first port of call. see my sig for feedback thanks guys
  8. qusp

    music_4321 feedback

    sold a cable to gaspar. a bad deal turned worse good luck jeremy
  9. qusp

    what can we do to police internet bullying and slander on Head-fi

    OK guys, this post has eventuated because I have recently had a VERY unpleasant experience with another head-fier. He enlisted my services to get a cable made, I had told him my conditions and my expected schedule for delivery. I only included regular airmail as part of the price, which he was...
  10. qusp

    gechu A++

    It is my pleasure to start a feedback thread for gechu; Erik and I have been working on a project together for quite some time now. I built Erik a custom VCAP dock plus custom cable and DIYMODDED his ipod 5.5G. it was a long and bumpy road (not because of Erik) we had some issues with the ipods...
  11. qusp

    SOLD SPC ipod LOD cheap good

    for sale is an ipod LOD will not work with the new touch or iphone 3G but will work with every other IPOD since the 3rd gen original ipod it is silver plated high purity copper in cotton with carbon techflex. its a great little starter LOD nice and flexible; and as good as a lot of people will...
  12. qusp

    found: high quality CMOY2 for Aussie buyer

    found. Hi there as the title says. I would like to buy a really nice CMOY for a friends birthday, I was going to get him a mini^3 but for financial reasons I really cant afford that right now. I would prefer it was socketed with a virtual ground, so cmoy 2 or 2.1 would be great. preferably...
  13. qusp

    Shiro MS08th

    Its my pleasure to start a feedback thread for Shiro MS08th; Ang Bought a custom mini to mini cable from me; he definitely is a man with discerning tastes. Ang new what he wanted from the outset; he wasn't so sure on the exact details and materials but he did no that he wanted the best possible...
  14. qusp

    anyone know what the input impedance of the pico is?

    Hi there, i'm building a VCAP dock for my DIYMOD and pico i've ordered some 3.3uf VCAPs absently when should've got 4.7uf to be safe. I cant find the imput impedance specs for the pico anywhere and have emailed justin about it with no response as yet. as long as the input impedance is...
  15. qusp

    DIYMOD RME line out caps

    anyone modded the line out on a RME hammerfall 9632. I remember seeing a while ago on here that someone had modded their HDSP 9632 with blackgate caps being one of the mods. I'm building a VCAP dock for my DIYMOD and i'm putting dock in, RCA in/out, minijack in/out; making it useful with anythng...
  16. qusp

    a horrible story of loss and sorrow (solved);

    I have just heard a horrible story; noremedy has lost his SE530 and doesn't have any way of replacing them for a long time. tell me if i'm wrong but isn't there a really good sense of community here on head-fi?? he doesn't have any other portables like many of the members here, so its not as...
  17. qusp

    hands up who uses the search button before posting

    Hi all every day i'm dumbfounded by the amount of 'which IEM under $200' and 'which portable amp' threads that are posted. how many people here use the search button?? I mean I know that most of these can be accounted for by new members and I guess we cant be too hard on them, but there is a...
  18. qusp


    It is my pleasure to Start a feedback thread for Zephyrsapphire. Myles bought an LOD from me; he was always friendly and replied to my PM;'s promptly. He paid as soon as we had come to an arrangement. Myles was a pleasure to deal with; a very reasonable man indeed. I would have no qualms in...