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  1. Conduit

    SOLD: Podless Altec Lansing im716

    Seeing if there's any interest in either of these. PK3's gone. Looking to sell the im716s. The im716's were depodded by me and have 50ohm resistors installed. Comes with all original accessories (unused filters/filter changer, foamies, carrying case) except for the tri-flange tips. Also...
  2. Conduit

    FS/FT: Denon AH-D1000

    D1000's SOLD
  3. Conduit

    FS/FT: Creative Zen V 2GB (Black)

    Have a Creative Zen V that was used at the gym a couple of times. Bought new a month ago and has some signs of use, some minor scratches but nothing significant. Functionally flawless. Would like to trade for a 2nd gen shuffle ideally but willing to listen to other offers. PM with trade...
  4. Conduit

    SOLD: Alessandro MS-1 and Sennheiser PX-100 (Canada)

    MS-1's just returned from Grado Labs after repairs that were needed after a recabling mishap. They have no real signs of wear except around the y-joint where the cable looks a little pinched. All the lettering is intact and it comes with the stock comfies and is terminated to a mini plug...
  5. Conduit


    Purchased MS1s from cankin. Communications were pleasant, shipping was prompt and packaging was top notch. Highly recommended.
  6. Conduit

    WTB: Sony MDR-V6/7506

    If you're looking to sell one, throw me a PM. I'm located in canada.
  7. Conduit


    Purchased DT990s from Kim. Prompt shipping, friendly communications and a flawless transaction. Highly recommended.
  8. Conduit

    FS: Sennheiser MX90 VC

    Price Drop Selling a pair of Sennheiser MX90 VC. They were purchased on Sept.22, 2006 from The Source (Canada's Circuit City). Approximately 1 hour of use since purchase. Comes with all accessories and packaging and I'll include a new pair of foam covers. I could send the receipt as well for...
  9. Conduit

    FS: Ipod Shuffle 1GB $65

    I purchased a refurbed 1gb ipod for $100CDN back in May. Today, a replacement came in from apple as my power switch was malfunctioning. I'm not sure if they sent another refurbed shuffle or not but it looks brand new. Comes with software and the lanyard cap as well. I could post pics but it...
  10. Conduit

    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-AD5 and Philips SBC HP460

    Couple of headphones I'm looking to move as I'm trying to save up for something different. ATH-AD5 As far as I know these were the precursor to the ATH-AD500. Purchased off eBay so only the headphones are included, no packaging, no accessories. Not sure how old they are but they are in good...
  11. Conduit

    FS: Black UE 5EB

    Obtained in a trade from this thread, I just prefer my 5 Pros. Comes with all original packaging and accessories. Only tip I used were the large tips. Essentially in like-new condition still as it is only been a month or two since its purchase date. Pics upon request. SOLD
  12. Conduit

    FS: MisterX Pimeta

    Recently purchased a maxxed portaphile to meet my home and portable amp needs so the Pimeta isn't getting any use. Purchased from Ridire123 about a month ago from this thread so it's in pretty much the same shape as in those pictures. It came with the OPA627/OPA637 and I'll add 3 AD843 w/ a...
  13. Conduit

    WTB: Shure E2C/E3 in Canada

    I recently got a job working outdoors with a trimmer. Luckily, my boss doesn't mind if I listen to music while I work. I'm looking for used E2C or E3 (maybe other IEM's, let me know if you have any) in Canada to cut down on shipping time as I would like them ASAP. I will pay for express shipping...
  14. Conduit

    FS: 2 Black iPod Nano (2GB), broken X5L and broken iPod 30GB photo

    Tried selling the nano before but no takers so it's up for sale again with a big drop as I just want to get rid of it. Plus some other stuff I've been tinkering with. Up for sale is: Like New Black Nano, 2GB: Price: WITHDRAWN shipped to CONUS/Canada New Black Nano, 2GB: Price: $SOLD...
  15. Conduit

    FS: Sennheiser CX300

    Got them from jowens about 2-3 weeks ago from this thread. Didn't even use any of the tips that came with it as I had some Panasonic tips leftover that I threw on. Comes with everything I received (original packaging, all 3 tips, and original receipt). They are the black version. Looking for...
  16. Conduit

    FS: 2GB Black iPod Nano w/ DIY lineout

    Switching to a shuffle that better suits my rough handling of DAPs, I'm putting my Nano up for sale again. The first one conked out and this is the warranty replacement I received 2 days ago. It still has the original plastic cover on the front and its only use was to test out the dock...
  17. Conduit

    FS: PINT Parts

    My first attempt at a PINT didn't go so well and I've decided to go a different route for my portable rig (no amp, IEM's and a DAP). I've got a bunch of stuff left over from my attempt that could be used to populate most of 2-3 boards. Most of the stuff is from Tangent's list, purchased from...
  18. Conduit


    bought my KSC75's. nice guy to deal with. recommended
  19. Conduit

    WTT: Black Ipod Nano 2gb w/ Invisibleshield

    I'm looking to upgrade to something with more capacity, preferably a larger Ipod or something else with a lineout and rockbox/flac support. The Nano is only about 2 weeks old and its had an invisibleshield on it beneath a black metal case (top foam layer has been removed from the inside to use...
  20. Conduit

    WTT: Olympus Digital Voice Recorder for Headphones

    I figure since I'm asking for headphones, the thread should go here. I've got a Olympus DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder (Olympus suggested price of $129.99) that I'm not using anymore so I thought I'd give this a try. I don't have the box anymore but it comes with all the original accessories...
  21. Conduit

    FS: PA2V2

    SOLD Trying to raise funds to collect parts for a cmoy and eventually a millet so this is being sacrificed. Only about a month old, purchased brand new from gary. Will be shipped with everything that came with it plus the rechargeable 2500mAh Duracell NiMh batteries that were purchased for...
  22. Conduit

    WTB: Home Amp for ~$100

    A bit of a long shot but worth a try. Looking for a decent amp to be run off a wallwart. PM me if you've got one for sale.