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  1. phil2dot6

    Durability Issue between IEM's

    I've owned a pair of Shure E2c's for three years already, and I've been happy with them purely for the ease of travelling, sound isolation, and relatively decent bass response for what I've paid for ($65 @ ecost). Now what people have failed to tell me is that the wire starts stripping after...
  2. phil2dot6

    CMoy DC power jack

    I am terribly sorry for making another n00b-type thread on the DIY forums asking for help on the CMoy amp, but I've tried searching throughout the tangentsoft website and through some of these head-fi posts, but the tangentsoft instructions were somewhat vague in explaining how to hookup a DC...
  3. phil2dot6

    Please no flaming! Question about Bose Triports

    Here's my situation, my friend wants to buy his girlfriend a pair of Bose Triports, of which he owns a pair himself. Now, I went on and on bashing Bose in general and I can't really convince him, no matter how much I explain to him that Bose is just another great commercial scam. Thus, I am...