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  1. silentperfection

    Mac OS Alternative to FB2K and EAC

    Alright. Of course, I'm afraid that I already know the answer to this question but...what is the best ripper for Mac OS. I'm seriously considering the switch after getting a powerbook as a gift. Also, I have about 1500 albums in MPC which except for some commandline player in hyrdrogenaudio that...
  2. silentperfection

    Best American Composers and 4th of July Classical

    Hi, I like to listen to Classical but don't know much about it. Tomorrow I'm subbing the classical radio show that goes before me due to the DJ's illness. I would like to continue in his tradition of playing only american music in honor of the 4th of July. This includes american composers and...
  3. silentperfection

    Decent Cassette Deck Recommendations

    I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of a decent cassette deck. It's primary use would be to transfer cassettes to my computer but also to make mixtapes and listen to them as well. I can't spend a lot of money (that goes into other equipment ) but I want a decent...
  4. silentperfection


    Bought some AKG 271s from rogue and recieved them promptly. Great transaction. Great head-fier. Would do business with again if given the oppurtunity. Highly recommended. He even PM'ed me asking me if I had received them cuz I was so busy listening that I hadn't let him know.
  5. silentperfection


    I sold merztime my D66 eggos and communication was great and his payment was prompt. I would highly highly recommend anyone to do business with him and I would do so again if given the chance.
  6. silentperfection

    Suggested Phones for Radio DJing and Home Rig?

    Ok, first of all my absolute limit is 200 hundred dollars simply because I am poor and head-fi has overtaken all control I have over my money. Secondly, here's my home rig currently: M-Audio Delta 410 Marantz 2230 Reciever (as headphone amp) Yes I realize that source can be uprgraded a...
  7. silentperfection

    SOLD!: Sony D66 Eggos

    Sony Eggos Great portable headphones In great shape with no scratches. Bought off a head-fier. Comes with sony pouch. Also box if so desired. $75 Shipped in the US With paypal add 3%
  8. silentperfection

    FS: Maxed Mint Tin Amp

    Letting go of my very first amp. Built by was ist los? from here on the board. Not your typical mint. Here are the specs as stated by builder. AD8620 Modded ground with buffer driver Stacked BUF634s Black Gates Standard 1000uf caps No C1, R8, or R9 Switchcraft jacks, blue led, 9v Battery...