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  1. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-W10VTG

    I'd entertain reasonable offers.
  2. jbloudg20

    FS: M^3 with Elpac supply

    Along with my VTG, I'm selling my M^3 amp. It works flawlessly, and sounds great. It's cased in a hammond black aluminum enclosure.   The opamps are OPA627's, and output bias is set to 100mA. No bass boost option is present.   Note: there is no power switch on the unit. I used a power...
  3. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-W10VTG

    I'm heading to Paris for my honeymoon, and could use the extra money, so these will be leaving my possession.   I LOVE these headphones. They sound absolutely superb. If I could afford to, I'd keep them forever.   Condition, I'd say 8.5/10 (where 10 is BNIB). They have great pads on...
  4. jbloudg20

    FS: SOHA V1

    I am looking to sell a SOHA V1.0 It is in a black hammond with a perforated cover. It will ship with a standard tube. I have to check the exact brand when I get home. A great bang-for-buck amplifier! I'll post pictures tonight. Looking for $125 shipped to the ConUS. Offers considered.
  5. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-ES7

    Back for sale! Offers considered.
  6. jbloudg20

    How do you tell your girl you don't like the gift she bought for you?

    Quote: Originally Posted by soundboy My gf had no problem telling me she didn't like the gifts I get her....including the engagement ring I got her. Ended up spending thousands more for one she likes. Got engaged last year....and now she tells me she's not in the mood for marriage...
  7. jbloudg20

    Rockbox 3.3 is out.

    I still want embedded album art.
  8. jbloudg20

    Why do low-end AKG headphones "suck"?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Acix Plasticky sounding...the K702/1 have a very extended highs. So, maybe this is the plasticky sounding feel. in the studio this highs feel good, I can shape and control them, it's a big pluse for monitor mix/mastering. On topic, every hps company offer...
  9. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-M50s

    Here are the promised pictures:
  10. jbloudg20

    WTB: HD650

    A friend of mine would like a pair of HD650s. If you have a good condition pair for sale, please contact me. Thanks
  11. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-CK7

    $50 shipped?
  12. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-A950LTD

    bump with price drop, it will head to ebay soon.
  13. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-A950LTD

    Bump with a price drop! Interesting trades considered.
  14. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-A950LTD

    Bump with price drop.
  15. jbloudg20

    What do you do for a living?

    Embeded Software Engineer by day, Electrical Engineering grad student by night.
  16. jbloudg20

    FS: Chaintech AV-710

    Feel free to make offers, I'm not necessarily looking for cash.. so have some fun