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  1. GrooveRite

    Wireless In-Ear for gym use.

    As the title states, I'm looking for a pair of wireless in-ear headsets for the gym.  My wired set constantly keep getting snagged and ripped out of my ears on machines as I walk by and use them.  Very annoying!!  SQ doesn't need to be superb but would at least like it to be fair at least.  I...
  2. GrooveRite

    Ringing of the ears.

    Hello fellow head-fiyers! 10 days ago, I went on a night out to a club here in NYC with my gf. When I left the club at around 4:30am, I realized my ears were ringing extremely LOUD! My gf's ears were ringing too so I didn't make anything of it. The following day.....they were still...