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  1. tussinette

    Can someone help me to improve my Audiophile skills?

    This post is going to be a long one. Just that you know. Subject: what is an audiophile and how to actively become one? Introduction: I do not consider myself an audiophile. I am just someone that likes to listen to music, especially on some equipment and not so much on some other equipment...
  2. tussinette

    Fun closed-back headphones recommandation with good bass

    Hi, I used to love my Sony MDR-XB500. Actually, I still love how fun they sound. So much bass but not muffled. They remind me of listening to the old Pioneer Hifi system from the 70s I grew up with. I am looking for something similar, fun, with impactful bass but not muffled BUT closed...
  3. tussinette

    Sony MH1 vs Soundmagic PL30

    Hi there, my first review will actually be a comparison. I will do my best not to do too many mistakes but please note that english is not my native language. I'd rather tell you, even if you might already have notice by now :-)   I am not going to analyse the sound in every detail of its...
  4. tussinette

    Are the Fostex T50rp really worth 200$ ??? (ready for controversy? :-)

    Lets have a bit of controversy over here :))))   The thing is that when I read posts from two years ago, people are speaking about 75$ cans. Well, when I check on Amazon US, they are available between 120 and 150$.   Where I am they are available for about 160 Eur so about 200 USD. That's...
  5. tussinette

    Best for classic and jazz from the following selection? No amp. What do YOU think? (and why :-)

    Best for classic and jazz from the following selection ?   akg k272 HD akg k550 fostex t50rp (no mod or just pads) nvx xpt100 shure SRH440 superlux hd668b takstar HI2050 yamaha MT220   What do you think?
  6. tussinette

    Most "airy" IEM with good isolation <100$ ???

    Hi guys,   I need some help on this one as I am not very familiar with IEM.   I would like to find: - comfortable - with "airy" soundstage but not too recessed mids - good external noise isolation (it is for metro) - under 100$   Any chance?   Any idea?
  7. tussinette

    Best soundstage for CLOSED headphones under 200$ ?

    Hi,   I am looking for the best soundstage for CLOSED headphones under 200$ ? What I am looking for are headphones that sound like opens cans... but being closed. I have a pair of Renkforce CD340 with Shure 940 velour pads and these are the most open sounding closed cans I ever heared. If you...